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Good Monday morning my dear ones. Hey, Do you know the best thing about Switzerland? Well, I don’t rightly know, but it’s flag is a big plus. Ha ha, that’s literally true.

Our meditation today is found in Prov. 19:18 “Discipline your children while there is hope. Otherwise you will ruin their lives.”

“Have you gotten yourself into a peck a trouble?” as my mom would say. Unfortunately for me it was many times true. I remember one particular time I had ridden my Aunt Sissy’s Shetland pony and he had a tendency to try to wipe you off his back by walking close to a bush or tree, forcing you to jump off.

This day he had walked me through a rose bush, but I was determined to hold on, that unfortunately was a bad idea, the bleeding on my arms, legs, ann nd stomach were evidence of its foolishness.

I remember when my 6’2” Uncle Leonard care out of the house. He got on this stubborn horse and rode him with my uncles legs dragging the ground, and scolding & kicking the horse, this treatment changed the horses demeanor for many months.

Our verse today reminds me of the importance that discipline brings into our lives. God’s process of discipline involves loving instruction, then correction, then loss, and then if that didn’t result in a course correction, then ultimately a corporal form of punishment.

Throughout Proverbs the importance of discipline always was emphasized as a matter of life or death. The emphasis to proper training & discipline were the assurance of staying on the right course and reaping many blessings for life.

So when we face the Father‘s discipline in our life we must remember that His intention is to bring blessing’s to us.

So Go With God submit to His discipline and His blessings will be the natural benefit in our lives.

Lindsay Winterton
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