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Well we had several good guesses, however, for the record the number of parts in a fork are 7. They include the point, tine, slot, root, neck, back, and handle. Wow, who knew they were so complicated. It started out with two tines to pick up meat or dainty desserts. This type had one problem, they could easily stab your tongue, so one more tine was added to the fork & this seemed to bring the fork to popularity, in the 1700s.

Thursday 5/25

Prov. 30:31b "The third animal that struts with stately pride ... the male goat,"

This third animal of God's creation focuses our attention on the agility of the male mountain goat. For he leads the herd to find grass, moss, around the twigs on low growing shrubs. Male goats have longer horns, tails, beards, probably for better protection from predators. They are found in 9 differing states in the U.S. and many countries in the world. Wherever you find mountains & greenery you will usually find goats.

Becky & I found big horn goats in Nevada, around the mountains of Hoover Dam. There they roam about the small towns yards & parks for grass and live in the arid mountains surrounding the water that feeds the dam. The male goat walks among the herd but when the evening air cools, he guides the goats into the mountains, through trails found among the houses, back into the mountains.

We sat in the park with families, children playing, eating, while they calmly walked and ate all around the park, we saw at least 20 goats. Not seeming to be bothered by the folks in the park, just calmly grazing on the fresh green grass.

Several years ago we also watched as we saw a herd of mountain goats grazing on a steep mountain around Leavenworth, Washington. This was quite a sight as the cliff was a 40% grade but they just casually ate grass on the cliff side. The kids were quite amazed that these goats could so easily manage the steep cliffs, and calmly eat the sparse grass on the cliff bank.

We also for a time had a dwarf goat, Wally, who would sleep on the back of our pot belly pig Stewart, in his house. They were good friends, and would walk around the yard & Wally would walk up the mountain overlooking our back yard usually in the late afternoon. He would sit in Becky's lap while she petted him at night quite comfortably.

Agur here, is pointing out the varied qualities of these creature created by God, the goat was the example of agility, and desire to give guidance & protection from predators.

When grass or food was scarce for the herd he would scout out new areas where a new source of food could be located and ways to climb to get there. His noble attempt to bring provision & safety for his flock was in the forefront of his thoughts.

As we read through these varied animals, the writer points out these qualities for us to do three things with, 1) recognize the benefit of each one, 2) to strive to lead using these same qualities in our leadership style, 3) notice the validity of where these qualities came from, Him. Finally to get a sense of why we can have these same strengths, because of His same style of leadership in our life.

We can rest in Him because of His great power, concern, and interest in our safety and well being.

So Go With God for all of these stellar qualities find their origination in Him. As we follow in His ways as well as, strive to duplicate them in our lives, the world about us see them & wonder how we came to these beneficial habits & wise thoughts, in our lives. Then we can pass on to them the origination of these loving, caring, and compassionate ways, Our Loving Father. As we faithfully share our source & His desire to infuse these same qualities into their lives, the Gospel is passed on. May we be faithful messengers of His love.

brenda x


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