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Well howdy my friend. Hey, did you know that in Switzerland it is illegal to own just one Guinea pig? You may ask why? It is because they are such social animals that they grow lonely and depressed without a friend, they even have a rent a Guinea service.

It’s interesting, that with mankind solitary confinement is also considered the greatest degree of punishment. What does that tell us about ourselves? In fact many a confined person has been saved from despair & insanity from reading, learning.

Our meditation for today is found in Prov. 18:15 “The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”

In other words, the quest for knowledge is unquenchable, for the wise, however, the foolish take no interest in learning.

My dad said to me many times in my life, Son, you can never learn too much, it will be never be wasted. You will always be enriched by having a heart for learning. Little did I know that the Bible points that out.

I used to love to read Zane Gray’s western books because he always mixed in learning things about that early time in life, with western adventure. I guess that’s why I enjoy including interesting facts in our study every so often.

The second part of our study points out that “the wise are life long learners“. Many of the inventions we enjoy today came from people reading the Bible and then coming up with deductions from their reading. The compass- magnetic force; ocean current-springs in the ocean; the sextant- patterns of the stars, to name a few inventions of which most of them we still use today.

I will never forget my experience of a well known exploring expedition in upstate New York who we encountered that were lost because their GPS was broken while climbing and thanks to our faithful compass lead us out of the Adirondack mountains safely.

So Go With God and His truths will always be a firm foundation for life. In my experience, it usually comes when you least expect it.

Lindsay Winterton


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