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Happy Tuesday, my friend, now to answer yesterdays brain teaser. Which food never spoils? For those of you who guessed Honey, you were absolutely correct. For all of the rest of the foods listed they degrade with time. However, Honey though it granulates after much time, but upon being warmed up it returns to its sweet self. Way to go everyone. We'll look at more useless facts tommorow.


Ecclesiastes 9:5 "The living at least know they die, but the dead know nothing. They have no further reward, nor are they remembered."

Now in order to put these lessons into perspective, we must recognize that Solomon is attempting to open our eyes to life from the worldly perspective. How man without the infusion of God's reality, into his life, has no long term (eternal) outlook.

It's kind of like looking at a single dimension picture in comparison to a full 3 dimensional view of the same image. Most movie sets are single dimension in their presentation. When we went to Universal Studios we were confronted with these absolute, major differences. Where you could walk in a door and the in one step walk into the next absolute immediate viewpoint.

In the same way Solomon is attempting to in this chapter to point us to this very reality;

Verse 1 Man without a knowledge of God and His character would reason that man can't count on Him

Verse 2 When looking at the end of a person's life might think that the outcome is the same (death)

Verse 3 Mankind has the tendency to live with the pleasures of life as the motivation for their interest

Verse 4 It is better to live with present satisfaction rather than suffer for noble causes & pain now

Now verse 5 Solomon turns the camera on the present perspective and what appears to be the truth. "It's better to get all the gusto out of life for you only go round one time."

However, though Satan has lied and tricked mankind into looking at life in this empty, shallow way. We must look ahead to Solomn's conclusion in Chapter 12:13 "Here is now the final conclusion: Fear God (honor Him) and obey His commands ..."

Now due to the many lies that our enemies are attempting to convince our lying eyes that we see, you know our enemies, the world, our fleshly desires, and the Devil. Yes, they are very convincing at first glance, but when we take a close contemplative look we see the shallowness that they promise.

It's true that as we look at these things in full view, the truth becomes more closely into perspective. Now, you may be asking, What proof do you have other than Solomon's testimony?

Well remember for one thing Baghdad Bob standing on his hotel verand overlooking Baghdad and

him bragging to the TV world that his army is defeating the US army, as am entire unit of US tanks

role into full view with the camera view clearly declaring their defeat. Do you remember that?

Then how about the massive number of deaths of young stars, who have everything to live for, of

the worlds treasures in full view and yet their lifeless body proves the emptiness that this world

was actually able to really offer for anyone.

These are just a few of the many examples, that are living proof of Satan's false promises, and their empty fruits. He knows just how to proclaim the lies and promote them before our youth. The story of the rich young ruler was a living proof of the emptiness that all of these things he promises.

SO GO WITH GOD for a life filled with honor and humility before our Loving Father are rich with eternal blessings. Please don't fall for the promises of our enemy, though they appear to be real, they are one dimensional, empty, and sadly meaningless. Don't fall for them!!! Solomon was living proof.

brenda x


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