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Howdy, as the saying goes in good old Mo. Happy Thursday my friend.

Bet you can’t guess, Who the largest toy distributor is? Did you guess McDonald’s? If not you would be wrong. Cause they distribute 1.5 billion toys each year. Wow who would’ve known. Not me.

Our meditation for today is found in Prov. 20:4 “Those too lazy to plow in the right season will have no food at harvest.”

When I was living in Canada during college days I found that the most productive, successful farmers there; were hard working folks. No sooner did they harvest the crops and process it; than they began the process of repairing the farming equipment for the fall season. The winter wheat farmers would quickly move into plowing, turning the soil, enriching the soil, and prepping it to plant the seed. That way once the snow melts to water into the soil and then it will burst into a rapid growth process. If they had moved into production and beat the first snow ususlly (September) then they were positioned with a productive winter wheat crop to harvest by May.

Our verse today is making the case for industrious living. The person who begins preparation for the future will be benefitted greatly.

The lesson here is to not make excuses for failure to planning & productive efforts (it’s too cold, the grounds too hard, it’s raining, snowing, etc.) ; but rather begin preparation for the future, now.

The same thing is true for our role of planting the seeds of the Bible’s truths in our lives. We can make excuses like, it’s too early my minds foggy, or I feel sad so I can’t read today, or I have too many things to do, I’ll read later.

When we make these excuses in our mind & heart we will fail to establish the seed of the word in our lives. Then when it’s time to harvest we are hungry & there is nothing to harvest.

When hard times come to our lives we are overcome. Because we have nothing to draw strength from, we are weak to the enemies lies and then we fall.

So Go With God and He will give you the strength to move forward into His words. Then when you eat from His resources you will become strong. The truths of His words will become sweet & refreshing. Soon you will find people to share His truths with and they will be enriched with its strength. Then the harvest will multiply.

Lindsay Winterton
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