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Well it’s Saturday that reminds me of the song so popular in my day by Chicago. “Saturday think it was the 4th of July” Oh well. Hey, did you know that Charles Schultz didn’t like the name Peanuts for his comic strip? He wanted to call it Little Folks, but United felt due to copyright issues, it was best to name his cartoons. By the way can you name Snoopy’s siblings? There was Spike, Belle, Marbles, Olaf, and last there was ——- can you guess? Yes your right it was Andy.

Todays meditation is found in

Prov. 20:18 “Plans are established (succeed) by counsel; By wise counsel wage war.”

This proverb emphasizes two powerful principles to base our future lives on.

1) base your future plans on good


2) when considering entering into

conflict always seek input

Both of these principles are based on humbly asking for advise when considering future plans.

Solomon addressed that very same principal in Eccles. 9:13-18

when you get a chance take a look at it where he compares wisdom & folly.

Luke added some insight on this same truth in Luke 14:28-32.

The primary instruction given to us is listen to other people who have proven wise thinking (godly), when making decisions that influence the future of ourselves & others.

So Go With God and He will

instruct you in the right ways. In other words don’t get ahead of Him or stay behind Him both will fall short of His ways.


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