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Have you ever wondered why track runners never give up on anything? Well, Of course it’s because they are used to overcoming hurdles. Oh!oh Sorry about that. As they say it has its ups & downs.

Friday 12/9

Prov. 26:4 “Don’t answer the foolish arguments of fools, or you will become as foolish as they are.”

So if you read the next verse you will notice, that vs4 is says not to answer foolish arguments but on the other hand vs5 encourages you to answer.

So, just what wisdom could Solomon be striving to pass on?

So let’s take just verse 4 first. This instruction is warning us to not enter into answers from a point of frustration due to their following the same foolish thinking.

A perfect example of this was seen in Num. 20 where Moses became angry because of the people going to Moses for a solution, when they needed to go to God. Their foolish action was to think that Moses had the ability to answer their requests. Of course 2 million peoples needs for water was far beyond what one man, Moses, could fulfill.

Moses foolish reaction, was to react in anger rather than seeking to turn the peoples petitions to their loving Father. The result of his faulty reaction was that he was held back from leading the Jewish nations from entering into the promised land.

This message is an important lesson, We must learn from this, and rather than becoming angry with these tendencies, we must come along side of those who are overwhelmed with their physical needs. Rather than becoming angry in their emotional state, we should guide them into looking to God who loves them and has just the right solution for their needs, if they will look to Him.

Many times when we are made aware of others needs, we feel overwhelmed, an as a result become judgmental of their conditions. Rather than this response it should be to reach out in a compassionate way, maybe even in a small way meet a part of their need In the way we can.

Last night, on our way to the car, Becky became aware of an elderly lady who was homeless and cold, in their conversation she expressed her need for a pair of gloves. When Becky got into the car, she realized we had a pair of gloves in the cars console that had been there for years and had not been used. She felt compelled to turn back and gift her gloves to that lady. As we returned, Becky was impressed to not just give her the gloves but to also reach out to put the gloves on her cold stiff hands. The compassion of this gift was visibly uplifting to this lady, causing her to give thanks to God.

Think how Moses could have responded differently to his circumstances. Think how different the world would be if each of us responded out of compassion for others who are struggling as a result of their foolish ways, rather than hold back our concern for them, or respond in anger.

So Go With God and answer others fearful requests with the same compassion of Christ for the lost lambs of our world. He left the 99 other sheep to bring comfort & salvation to the lost ewe. Just think, he had gotten lost as a result of his own foolish responses, but even though that was true, Christ still reached out. He comforted him and then brought the lamb into communion with his other flock members.



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