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It's Saturday and we are ready to begin a brand new week. By the way, Do you know what the word Samurai means? I'll put it in a sentence, " I am learning the way of the Samuria." Does it mean? To serve, to fight, stand or to survive? Yes, that's right, it means to serve.

The Samurai were a special class of body guard. Usually hired by a politician to protect them from injury when traveling abroad.

Our meditation verse for today is found in Prov. 21:27 "The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination; How much more when he brings it with wicked intent."

As we look our verse today we must go back to our past studies & remember what the word wicked means.

It's not someone who simply sins, but is the person who willfully sins and rebels against God's laws with no repentance for his evil. He continually disobeys God with no intention of ever following in His ways.

Isa. 66:3 gives clarity to how God feels about this sort of sacrifice. "But those who choose th Ed or ways-- delighting in their detestable sins-- will not have their offerings accepted. When such people sacrifice a bull (the greatest sacrifice) it is no more acceptable than a human sacrifice. (The most evil sacrifice) When the sacrifice a lamb, it is as though they had sacrificed a dog! When they sacrifice an offering of grain, they might as well offer the blood of a pig. When they burn frankincense, it is as if they had blessed an idol."

Isaiah lays out every form of sacrifice, including the highest form of temple sacrifice. Then he clarifys just how offensive that they all are to God when a person has no intent to humble themselves before Him makes any sacrifice.

This verse is pointing out the offense that an insincere sacrifice is to God.

Then He takes the next step to present just how offensive it is when the sacrifice is given to trick others into believing that the person who made the sacrifice was seeking right standing with God.

When actually their sacrifice was made to attempt an appeasement from the righteous person. To fool them into thinking they were desiring right relationship with God. But we're really tricking the godly person into seeing them as holy.

It is more offensive to God than killing an innocent person in order to bring appeasement from God.

The idea of "wicked intent" meant that they were intending to be welcomed into the Hebrew circle of trust. Neighbor, trusted friend, fellow believer in God.

So Go With God for He is worthy of our trusting relationship. For He will never be swayed into trusting an evil person especially when they publically express their allegiance. False humility gains no place with our loving Heavenly Father. We may be tricked by false humility but Christ was never while here on earth nor now while be in heaven.

The Sadducee's called Him hallowed teacher when they were trying to get Him crucified by the Roman leaders.

Remember, He is the only one who our trust is to be surrendered to. All others are quick sand.

brenda x


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