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Here is a riddle see if you can figure it out:

There are three people in a car and at the same time, there are three fathers and two sons in the same car. How is that possible? What is the answer to this riddle?

This one stumped me


Ecclesiastes 12:8 "Vanity of vanities," says the preacher, "All is vanity."

If you remember this book began in chapter 1 verse 1 stating the same very same thing. The writer is attempting to drive home the point that without a proper walk with our Lord, life is without any real purpose. When man walks through life without considering God and his proper relationship with Him life has very little meaning.

Then in both cases in Eccl. 1:1 and Eccl. 12:8 Solomon strives to drive home this most important truth to us. Wisdom not based on God and His truths is without meaning. Then the whole book goes through the many things in life that have no real value or importance without a proper walk with God.

Here are a few things that are useless without a proper relationship with our eternal Father:

1:12-18 Wisdom is senseless without God at the center

2:1-11 It is senseless to be live for your selfish ambitions

3:1-8 Everything in life has its proper timing when we look to God for direction

3:9-15 God has a purpose for each of our lives, we are to find that and then live in that

3:16-4:8 The only one who knows what the future holds for us is our Father

These are just a few of the lessons that God desires to teach us and guide us through. Throughout the nation of Israel's wonderings God desired to guide them and us in what truly matters. Through each of these people He attempts for us to learn this one invaluable lesson, "Walk with your hand in mine."

To live without this one lesson of walking hand and hand with our loving Father, then everything else results in living a life wrapped up in vanity. In the next few verses Solomon attempts to focus in on some specific areas for us to be reminded to study. I am sure that these next few verses must have been the very things that God attempted to teach Adam & Eve when they walked together in the garden.

SO GO WITH GOD my dear friends then everything else will make total sense. However, if we fail to walk with Him it will be wrapped up in vanity. It's all our choice. A life of Meaning, purpose, blessing OR emptiness, vanity, and struggles. So my request to you is to begin to put your hand in His each morning, noon and night, you'll never regret those moments.

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