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Happy Thursday to you, Ha. Hey, has your attention ever been caught by a bumper sticker? You know, Honk if… or some other thought provoking saying. You can probably think of one - Why not respond back with one you have seen in the comment section?

Here is one you have probably seen … Christian’s aren’t perfect-just forgiven. But really

that is only half the story, Right??? We are also called & empowered to live a brand new life. How great is that?

Our meditation for today is continuing on in Prov. 19:27 “Cease listening to instruction, my son, And you will stray from the words of knowledge.”

Let’s think about this idea for a minute. Who are the instructors that have been given the responsibility to pass on wisdom to us?

In the next phrase it says “my son” so the persons given this responsibility of teaching of

children is their parents, as well as, those they have assigned to aide them.

So, it’s up to your parents for who they look to for assistance for this instruction to their children. In my parents case, they sought assistance from God, the Bible, godly people, SS teachers, pastor, and many other spiritual people, yes even my school teachers.

However, if anyone of these

were inaccurate in their teaching my parents would clearly make sure I understood their error. Sometimes they would

even ask forgiveness for wrong thinking on their part.

That’s why that last phrase says, ”you will stray… from knowledge.”

The final word on truth always is based first and foremost on God’s words.

Sometimes I would be confused by my parents actions & their conflict with the Bibles words. When I got the courage to ask about that, they would either explain my confusion or ask for forgiveness when they had been confused.

In fact those times were probably the times that were indelibly emblazoned on my mind The most.

So Go With God and He will guide you into all truth. Now that

my parents are gone to glory I have full understanding of why their mindset was to make God‘s words the final authority.

For they knew there would be a day when they would be gone from this life. When the world would be filled with confusion and I would need steady direction. So, Walla, our need for proper eternal instruction from God.

Lindsay Winterton

I saw one that had a picture of about 6 children and underneath it said "honk if you see a kid fall out" 🤣

Me gusta


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