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Well what a beautiful day yesterday was and I believe today will also

be a special day for the Lord has given it to us. Todays verses are Prov. 11:18-21 Let’s drill down on verses 18-20 “Evil people get rich for the moment, but the reward of the godly will last. Godly people find life, evil people find death. The Lord detests people with crooked hearts, but He delights in those with integrity.”

We know of many people in our world, who have fame, money, and power who are empty of heart. Their lives are filled with stuff but so much regret & emptiness. We could easily list off many such people. (the tabloids are full of them) Can you think of one?

The biblical of definition of evil is anything that opposes what God values. Vs18 begins with the outcome of those who oppose His ways “18 riches for a while ending in emptiness, 19 eternal death and suffering, 20 repulsed by God, 21 punishment”

Those who follow His ways “18 eternal rich rewards, 19 eternal life, 20 loved by God, 21 total freedom”

This is reminding us that there isn‘t a short cut to eternal gain, true blessing, even though the world promises it through worldly success, or looking out for number #1.

So remember, though the shortcut appears to bring reward it will always ultimately fall flat.

Go with God and His ways and

you will always end up in eternal reward & delight.



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