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Well believe it or not it’s Saturday can you believe it? Hey, Do you know which country is the only one named after a woman? I’ll give you a hint; it’s a Caribbean island, it’s named after a blind saint . Okay

You guessed it right. It’s Saint Lucia. She died around the fourth century. Oh well, did you know that?

Our meditation verse today is

found in Prov. 21:20 “The wise have wealth & luxury, but fools spend whatever they get.”

This verse is focusing on two things:

How wise men care for & value

their gifts and possessions

How the foolish person places

no value on those gifts they

have nor for the many

possessions they enjoy

Today let’s focus on the mindset of the wise:

He due to his life’s conduct

enjoys wealth & luxury.

He holds onto things that have

been given him.

He places value on His talents,

and gifts and as a result studies,

and seeks to further his

understanding and ability in

their many uses.

He recognizes the value of

things passed onto him by

others in his past. As a result he

is able to gain from the past of

others mistakes & successes.

Solomon gave this warning to Israel, however, Israel failed to heed his warning. They failed to value the special relationship that they had with God. (Being His chosen people) As a result they followed after other gods. That resulted in the nation being led into slavery. Which then resulted in them loosing their tribal positioning. Those who were from the Levitical tribe who had lost track of their heritage were not allowed to enjoy the special place of serving the living God.

Unfortunately our present generation fails to place value on their heritage. We see that pictured in so many ways. Both nationally and spiritually.

Maybe you can think is some ways that this is seen today. Why not list for me some of the ways you see.

So Go With God my dear friend and be confident in your unique relationship with your Loving Heavenly Father. He yearns for us

to hold onto and enjoy the luxury that is ours in Him.

brenda x


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