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Well good Monday morning, bet you don’t know What loaf of bread had a bad attitude? Well you guessed it right It is Sourdough, Ohhhhhh

Our meditation is found in

Prov. 16:12 “A king detests wrong-doing, for his rule is built on justice.”

Lets remember that these six verses 10-15 are all God’s directives for kings and those in leadership & we are all leaders to someone.

This verse speaks of what our attitude should be towards righteousness, and why.

Our attitude should always be favorable towards right living, because our ultimate desire is for fairness & justice to be upheld.

When evil, wicked, selfishness is allowed to prevail, harm and destruction is brought on everyone, including those who are the wrongdoers. They are only encouraged to do evil in their lives and as a result only go deeper in their destructive Life conduct.

So Go With God and those things in your life that have eternal value will bring enhancement to all those in your life that you place importance on. Friends, family, children, grandchildren, fellow believers, and yes even those who you work with, or live around.

Loving fellowship is no accident.

brenda x
Shirley McMahan


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