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Happy Saturday Here’s a question for you. Why is the beach so confident? you guess right. It’s 100% shore

Our meditation for today is found in

Prov. 16:11 “The Lord demands accurate scales and balances; he sets the standards for fairness.”

Yesterday recognized that God laid out His requirements for human leadership in vs. 10-15. Each verse has a different level of guidelines. Today’s is in the area of measurements - weights & measurements.

A leader is to set the consistent standard for how weights are measured, (dry products) -pounds, ounces, etc. (liquid measurement) pints, quarts, etc.

In this time period the king established these standards because usually the kingdom would be brought back from a corrupt standard. (Slavery, carnage, etc.) To the extent that a society is structured is the level that the culture is lifted up.

The last phrase helps us see why this is important. Fairness for all is upheld. Not just for today but for future generations.

Leaders in the church must realize that our purposeful obedience to Gods standards will shine out to our world and draw them to ultimate truth. The further that our secular world strays from truth the more vital our upholding of truth becomes visible to our world. And this reality is attractive to the unbeliever to the value of truth.

So Go With God strive to live by Gods truth and our lives will point out that Gods truth is in fact vital to all in our world.

Shirley McMahan


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