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Hey it’s Friday the end of a week. Have you ever wondered; Why we put a candle on a cake & then turn around and blow it out? Well this was a tradition begun in 1746 by Count Zinzendorf which continued in Germany.

This tradition made its way to America some time after 1890 when the candle was looked at as “the light of life”. The increase of candles illustrated how each year provided increased light, meaning that we ought to make light of our lives with increasing intensity each year.

The blowing out of the candle was to emphasize the completion of a years wish. Then the singing of “The Happy Birthday Song” was to be the celebration of that persons life and their influence in their world. Thought you might be interested in knowing this factoid.

Well this meditation today is found in Prov. 18:19 “A brother offended is harder to win than a strong city, And contentions are like the bars of a castle.”

This illustrates the hurtful nature of an argument. The harm that can come, especially to family, and even for that fact, in the spiritual family. (believers)

Notice both of these last verses have taken focus on contentions. Verse 18 on the primary way of diffusing contention, to agree on a source of agreement; while Verse 19 placed the attention on the degree of lose if there is no agreement on a neutral conclusion.

Agreement brings unity of action, while the refusal to agree brings potential conflict and division, which results in the building of barriers. With each offense the hardening of barriers. First come city limits, (the warning signs) all the way to hard bars. (the harsh statement of total exclusion)

The lesson here drawn is to purpose to take great care to avoid words that result in conflict. Determine to be tender to those closest to you. Words are useful to bring blessing and warmth when those words are kind, harmonious & comforting. However, when spoken in harshness, hurtfulness, and cruelty, they bring ever continuing harm. Not even words need to be spoken just the mere appearance brings pain.

We will be learning the proper & improper use of our speech in the next 5 verses, so join us again tomorrow.

So Go With God and He will bring comfort, and love to your speech. In a world so posed on fracturing friendships, He will mend those hurt filled feelings. If we but surrender our hearts to Him.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x


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