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Now for the life shattering truth; Why didn't the baseball player want to touch the ball? Well, of course, Because it was really foul. Oh, So it really does help to keep your eye on the ball.

Wednesday 4/26

Prov. 30:12 "They are pure in their own eyes, but they are filthy and unwashed."

Now today we start to look at what Agur warned of the failures of those children who go against God's directive to have respect for their parents.

Now Agur warns us of the first plight of those who refuse to honor & respect their parents.

They are what we would call "self righteous" they are vile (filthy) and unclean (unwashed).

In other words in their personal pride, they fail to recognize their own failures. The word pure here is speaking of ceremonial purity, Lev. 10:10 uses this same word, "You must distinguish between what is sacred and what is common, between what is ceremonially unclean and what is clean."

Practical Example: They think they are pure, but, they stink of body odor, but fail to recognize this. Outwardly they put on the appearance of perfection, (splash on perfume, change clothes) but inwardly they are rotten. They are quick to bring out the failures, mistakes of their parents, but at the same time fail to recognize their own failures, and mistakes.

Have you noticed the tendency to binge on declaring other as racists today, but at the same time, the many who take on that same destructive attitude toward those who aren't in sync with their opinions.

Like; Well can you think of any such failures you have noticed?

They are quick to be ungrateful, but fail to recognize the benefits left for them by their predecessors. It may be towards their parents, or even a lack of appreciation for those founding fathers who left us the gift of the most freedom any people in history have ever enjoyed.

They demonstrate this by rather than honoring the sacrifice of the many people who surrendered their life for the survival of our nation. They demonstrate this lack of respect, by rather than honoring the flag which represents these millions who gave their lives, with rather than honoring it, to instead burn it, stomping on it, yes even, cursing its existence. In this way they disgrace, this the representation of these people who gave all they had to protect our freedoms.

Rather than honoring & respecting this precious gift, they have been given, but rather with a spot light point out one or some of the shortcomings of those who literally gave them life, namely their parents, because they were less than perfect in their eyes.

Agur points this out to aide us to examine our own life. Have I rather than appreciate the gifts of many who brought to me salvation, righteousness, and sacrifice, failed to honor them with appreciation.

So Go With God for He knows the rich, priceless gifts that our parents have left for us to enjoy, and then pass this on to our children & others we have loved, when we leave this life. My parents left for me the greatest gift of all, hearts surrendered to serving our precious Savior. Our, Becky & mine, our most precious gift we leave to our children is a life of service in order that the gospel may be passed on to those special people in all of our lives.

Who hopefully, will in turn enjoy and then pass on to others this priceless gift. Salvation, cleansing & forgiveness, these gifts are beyond any gift of our present world. My dear one, Joy in this standing that we have been able to enjoy because of their selfless offerings, of passing on salvation to us.

We are reminded of this by the passing of Billy Graham, Charles Stanley and so many others who left behind this most precious gift of right standing with God through the salvation they championed in their lifetime.

Lindsay Winterton


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