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Well, Lindsay guessed the correct term used for a congregation of jellyfish. It is called a "smack". Jelly fish thrive in warmer waters, so that explains the difference in population in the Atlantic Ocean on Florida as the water there is prone to be warmer there. Our Pacific Ocean is cooler so we see fewer jelly fish.

Monday 6/12

Prov. 31:15 "She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day's work for her servant girls."

The concept to take away from here is'nt the hour that the virtuous woman gets up, but more the priority that these actions focus on. For instance, her first priority is to begin by providing good nutrition for her children & those in her house.

You may say, Why? Her first priority is the giving of the greatest opportunity for her family to begin each day with practices that encourage good health. In the Hebrew home both the practice of eating healthy food and the reading of the Talmud (Old Testament- Genesis-Deutoromy) were considered good physical & spiritual food.

Then the second priority was to provide an orderly home. Though the mention here is to plan the work for the servants, the assumption is that the children are provided structured plans for their day as well.

School age children were sent to school to learn basic needed skills at the Temple (the 3 R's) Reading, Writing, Arithmatic. The Temple's role was to guide children in the academic studies, in the morning. The Levites were given the responsibility for this learning. The children were also taught musical skills, singing, while some children were taught the skill of playing instruments, for those children with that interest.

Historical record teaches us that they also were given instruction in various skills, farming, defensive instruction, (like self defense) exercise regiments, etc. Then the Rabbi was brought in to teach the older children. They had question & answer times, learning basic Bible study skills, memorization of previously chosen Bible verses, etc.

Once the children came home for lunch, then after lunch they were taught basic home skills. Boys usually worked at learning the skills of the father, (for this provided these skills to be passed onto the community) while the girls were taught the home keeping skills.

As you can see the primary focus of the mother was to make the home her first primary thought. Due to the support of the surroundings culture the children were provided a well rounded form of instruction. Academics, spiritual instruction, then home spun instruction, as well as, their care for the home.

So Go With God for He gives basic instruction for the families well being. He knows the greatest needs for the home to be well ordered. This provided an influential home which brought into the culture a nation of powerful children, which caused the nation to in turn to be dedicated with integrity at its very foundation. When Israel followed these instructions they were blessed. Unfortunately, when these guidelines were ignored they would decline into becoming slaves for godless uncaring leaders.

In the same way we are to bring order to our lives, as well as, to provide healthful guidelines for others to be benefited through.

Look to the Father each day & He will lead your steps into blessings for yourself & everyone as well.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x


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