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Heres a blast into history for you. The 50/50 blend of lemonade and iced tea is named for a legend in which sport? Golf; Baseball; Tennis; Basketball? Which one, make your guess and we'll give more details tomorrow.

Monday 7/3

Ecclesiastes 1:4 "Generations come and generations go, but the earth never changes."

In this verses we see a stark contrast. The whole idea of the transcendence of man and the permanence of the earth is recognized. However, due to the revaluation given to us through John, we know that even the earth will pass away, however that will come upon us in the end of time.

We are aware that our lives have limiting factors, for which we know; but just what that limit may be we can't know. Therefore, our challenge is in just how we live. Our life course, is for the most part determined in just how we live out our life.

The older I get the more I notice the fact that in these days before me, I must care for my weakened older body. In my early life I was able to control my body, but as time has gone by, now my role is to care for its needs. The fragile condition of our health can be determined by the extent that we care for it. We need to give it the needed rest, to become aware of the kinds & limits of food we should eat, to manage the temperature that our body endures, etc.

In this set of present verses, we are reminded that even the earth is controlled by the present. These last few months we have enjoyed the unusual level of rain & snow fall & the beautiful green that our hills display along with the colorful bloom. However, the seeming extent of our earths longevity we are reminded that only God is eternal. Therefore our honor, surrender, and obedience should be given only to God, for He alone is eternal, everlasting.

To the extent that we follow in His ways, and guide our children to do the same, it is to that course, that they prosper or falter. We have an extensive historic accounting of the kings of Israel/Judah and then a visual reference of the benefit/consequence that they had as a result of the way that they lived their lives.

Then after that public record we are given the choices we may take, whether to follow in the ways of God or the ways of man. This verse is similarly laying out just what our choices are & which way we will go.

Listening to the quiet inner voice of the Spirit or the more present, louder more vocal voice of our world. Only we can make those choices, only we can make the choice to rest in Him or to walk in the easier ways of the worldly system.

I remember as clearly as if it were today. After graduating from college, I was a invited to attend missionary candidate school at Schroon Lake, New York. After several weeks of being evaluated, the mission board of Word of Life extended an invitation for me to enter their ministry. I was requested to stay and join the camp staff at Word of Life Island, for a few weeks, just to get the feel of the ministry there and to consider duplicating this same effort to assist in its begining on the West Coast.

Upon coming back home and beginning my deputation efforts, my dad shared with me the offer that Joplin Supply was offering to me. A full time job as a sales representative for them. This offer was a real temptation, it meant having a car provided, nice office, secretary, working with the construction company owners that I had known for several years, along with being able to live in my home town in Missouri.

Dad prefaced his offer with, now I know that you have felt God's call to the ministry, however, I have been asked to present this offer to you at this time. As I look back I realize what the dilemma dad was faced with. Having an influence in my early adult days or letting me move to Southern California where he had worked before. This must have represented many sleepless nights, but he & mom never voiced the gravity of this decision.

I turned down the offer and continued on with the missionary efforts of reaching teens on the west coast. Dad & mom never spoke of their relief of seeing me choosing to follow my mission for many years, but they knew that following God, even though there were many uncertainties (raising support, living in a metropilous, dependent of God for His daily provisions, meeting with pastors, guiding youth ministry trainings, organizing large teen activities, etc.)

Now I realize the extreme confidence in God that was required by my parents. A twenty year old man living 1,500 miles away from them, entering a world of its many influences. I'm sure they tossed & turned as I packed the necessary belongings into my 72 volkswagen beetle and drove off into the sunset. This wasn't only the test of a lifetime for me, but also for my parents. They faithfully prayed for me in those early years & guided me to the extent that they could.

How great is our Father's love for us. In the same way He has cared for us, loves us, and guides us. So Go With God for His ways are beyond our ability to know. He has stood the test of time, He has faithfully supported & cared for you. He is worthy of our trust today, rest in Him my dear friend. He cares for you.

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Good guesses guys, its tennis

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