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From Pastor Ben


In our question yesterday we ask; What are most power outages in the US caused by? Squirrels Storms Tornadoes (5.2%) Birds (13.9%). Well, if you guessed Squirrels cause the most power outages, you were right! This is primarily due to a combination of climbing on power lines and their love for chewing on wires. Squirrels are estimated to have caused approximately 10-20% of all power outages, according to the Washington Post. In one particularly dense period, squirrels were found to have caused over 50 power outages in 24 states between Memorial Day and August 31st in 2023. Sounds a little squirrelly if you ask me. Ha!


Ecclesiastes 7:6

"A fool's laughter is quickly gone, like thorns crackling in a fire. This also is meaningless."

This warning to us is focused on the same concept throughout this section of scripture in verses 2-6. The

emphasis here is that more is learned from adversity than from pleasure. True wisdom is developed through maneuvering the challenges provided through life's trials.

Though thorns emit light and heat, they are short-lived as far as heat is concerned. In the same way, frivolous humor and purposeless foolish laughter brings no real long term benefit to our lives. If you can't breathe, a famous comedian won't render any beneficial aide to your life. In the same way, thorns will burn and provide a brief supply of heat and light, however they will be short lived. As far as real long term benefit to your longevity, they are useless.

I was reminded of this fact yesterday, when one of our young granddaughters came over for a visit.

Upon entering the front door she was in a "snit" as we call it. No one was able to bring aid or comfort to her. So we checked to see if she had a temperature (negative), then in need of a diaper change (nope), and then was she hungry or thirsty (nope again). After checking all of these, we ascertained that maybe she was in need of a nap. She finally fell into a fitful slumber, only to wake up in tears 30 minutes later.

Upon entering her crib area, she was confronted with the cold hard truth. Either stop crying or else the dreaded listening break would be administered. That abrupt fact brought a desire for her to change her climate. She thought about this consequence: either lay in bed alone until she stopped the crying or get out of bed and play. Within seconds, she chose the latter. Amazing! It was like a light switch was toggled off and she was instantly in command of her demeanor. Silently laying in bed instantly became undesirable. When confronted with these options, it was as if she instantly took command, and within moments she became that normally smiling happy baby again, and continued with that frame of mind for a number of hours.

In the same way, we have the choice of whether we spend our life looking for some sort of empty solace or we look to our Heavenly Father for joy, meaning and fulfillment.

SO GO WITH GOD, for He wants to guide our lives to an enriching and full life. But only WE can decide to follow in His ways. Yes, the choice is rather simple, but its OURS to make.

brenda x


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