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From Pastor Ben


Yesterday I asked you if you knew what founder of Atari also founded which pizza restaurant. The choices were: Domino’s  or Pizza Hut or Little Caesar’s or Chuck E. Cheese.

The answer: Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney built the first Atari video game company in 1972 and together they developed several home video games, pioneering the"Home Pong" console. Bushnell also came up with a concept for a pizzeria and arcade called Pizza Time Theatre. Then in 1977 he reinvented the famous Chuck E. Cheese chain.


Ecclesiates 7:2

"Better to spend your time at funerals than at parties. After all, everyone dies—so the living should take this to heart."

In this verse we are reminded that we are better off considering the meaning of life rather than filling our life with pleasure and foolishness. We should consider the reality of death and should have a philosophy of life which enables us to confidently face that inevitable appointment.

Unfortunately, most people attempt to shun the reality of life beyond this physical life and so spending some time at a funeral assists in focusing our consideration of these vital truths. 

David in Psalm 90:12 said this, "Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom." Due to our tendency as human beings to push back these concerns for another time, both of these wise leaders encourage us to remember to take time to consider our definite future and make them a part of our thinking process.


Fortunately, for thoseof usxmwho are older, the ailing body of old age helps us bring these thoughts into proper focus. But rather than being overwhelmed with fear or uncertainty, these concerns should rather be our guide for today's and tomorrow's activities. I remember as a child thinking a free day lasted forever, however, now a free day seems to race by. 

I remember in a visit that Dan and I had with Dad in his later years when his mind was limited with the right words. I sensed his frustration in trying to communicate to us a few things that he felt were important to remind us about. We together felt that the best way to alleviate his frustration was to begin reflecting on the many insights that he had taught us over the years. Then we recounted to him the many things that he had left us within our lives together. For one, an important spiritual truth he taught us was this -- "The way up is down." He also taught us that along with living with eternity in mind, we are to be passing on the truths of the Bible to others in our lives. There were many more Biblical principles he taught that we shared. We felt his mood turning to enjoying these many maxims he had given to us. He laughed at the humorous things we shared (Dan always had the uncanny ability to make weighty truths to become filled with humor). Upon our recounting these bits of wisdom that Dad had poured over our lives, we could see him relax as if to say, "You got it"

The writer is attempting to pass these same truths onto us throughout these two Wisdom books. SO GO WITH GOD and He will fill your life with these and many more nuggets of wisdom.

As our eyes are focused to two opposing cultures in the current events, we can't help but recognize the total differing outlooks. Hatred and a bent toward destruction is one outlook while the opposing outlook is focused on providing benefit and care for those they are responsible to protect. This struggle reminds of what our personal responses should be, and the stark difference that they point out.  Even when we look at those supporters of these causes, we are forced to recognize the differing outlook that they provide for others to witness. 

In the same way, our Father seeks to pass on the constant peace, hope, and the blessings of following in His ways.  Oh, my dear ones, follow in His footsteps and enrichment will follow your days, and the days of those who draw from your instructions.



brenda x


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