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Good Friday morning, Just what do you call a pencil with two erasers? Yep, you got it right. Its pointless, like so many other things in our world.

Friday 3/24

Prov. 29:10 "The bloodthirsty hate blameless people, but the upright seek tp help them."

The Hebrew translation reads this way, "The bloodthirsty ... seek to kill the blameless, while the upright, they seek their (blameless) life."

Notice the comparative desires:

The bloodthirsty -- are constantly seeking destruction of life, (their thirst is unquenchable)

The blameless -- are continuously striving to preserve & protect life (their interest is always sparing life)

As we look around us there are a number of nations & people groups who are determined to bring destruction & harm to innocent powerless people. Then we look to those who are continuously striving to administer the life giving truth of the Gospel, wherever they go.

Have you noticed that these groups who administer the Gospel, are in constant conflict with the evil one & the evil ones who are blinded by the evil one?

I was reminded of the efforts by believers through these groups after being activated for the needs of the Ukranian people. These groups are Send Relief, International Mission Board, Southern Baptist's (churches who give to the national board, we are one of those churches); to minister to the people with more than 95,000 family food packs, 69,000 hot meals prepared for those people seeking temporary shelter & warming stations in combat zones. (We are continuing to feed these people who need hot, health giving food). These groups have been instrumental in sharing the Gospel personally with more than 42,000 people resulting in 1,000 immediate professions of faith.

So Go With God for in His love He reaches out to those whose lives are on the line, he uses the hands & feet of His children to bring the good news to many who are in places where they may seem unreachable.

The outreach of the gospel is reaching today in a powerful way in Ukraine, Russia, and Afghanistan, as well as, refuge camps where these nation groups are fleeing.

His work of love, truth, and enrichment is not harmed by the intent of the evil one, rather, the gospel is given even greater influence there. The curtain covering the evil ones purposes is torn down through these violent efforts, and then their evil intentions are revealed. Then there standing in full revelation is the love & compassion of our loving Heavenly Father is seen in all its glory.

We look about us and see right here in our community the evil ones influences, and this should bring us to reach into this mass of upheaval, and rip out those who are in this pile of broken people and share with them His great love for them.

Let His love flow out through you, listen to the Spirit's leading, He will help you to be aware of those who you should pour out His loving ointment on, and just how.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x
Jo Ann Steward
Mar 24, 2023

So thrilled our church association is reaching out, always so ready in the time of disasters. So grateful our church faithfully tithes to our association to support these efforts. Samaritan's Purse is also very involved.



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