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Happy Friday. Have you ever wondered what is the loudest sport? Could it be football, or basketball, or the Indy 500, well after much contemplation, it was agreed to be Racket-ball, ha ha!!! That was a play on words.

Our meditation for today is found Prov. 18:6,7 “Fools’ words get them into constant quarrels; they are asking for a beating. The mouths of fools are their ruin; they trap themselves with their lips.”

In studying this instruction on foolishness I found that there are 25 Hebrew & Greek words to define it’s insights.

Some of them are described as brutish, boastful, stupidity, impious, simple, frivolous, senseless, egotistic, insipid, heedless. Wow!!!

After taking time to study each of these words the natural conclusion is that to allow our mouths to speak these thoughtless arguments, insults, unrestrained words, & contentious insults is harm to ourselves and everyone else.

A well know statement of the past was “A battler may be a hero, a protector of persons. But a fool is merely a battler; constantly taunting others for a fight.”

Our nation has achieved many successes in the industrial, medical, scientific fields, but this present culture seems to have sunken to a multitude of personal conflicts. (fences around White House, capital, and now the Supreme Court.)

King James - Prov. 18:7b says “his lips are the snare of his soul.”

Psa. 64:8 tongues will ruin them,

bring scorn from other observers

Psa. 140:9 results in destruction

Prov. 10:14 invites disaster

Prov. 12:13 trapped by own words

Prov. 13:3 foolish words ruin


Eccl. 10:12 mouth destroys


Back to our thoughts regarding todays continuous conflict. It appears to me through the study of God’s instruction to us in the Bible that this conflict is based on a spiritual barrenness of the soul.

Whether it is Abortion rights, freedom of speech, gun rights, etc. etc. all are to be determined by God‘s order not man’s thinking.

So Go With God and He will guide you in His ways and that will ultimately result in wisdom, which will in turn result in peace & prosperity in your life & cause others to benefit in the same ways. Maybe, hopefully cause others to see the value of wise, godly words and lead them to harmony rather than conflict.

brenda x


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