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You all were right as far as the the first state to celebrate Groundhog day. It was Pennsylvania, way to go. I'm interested to know was your knowing this due to viewing the movie, or was it because of the governor recently dropping the ground hog. Not that it matters, but just curious.

Since you were so accurate on this last trivia, Do you know how a cucumber turns into a pickle? Well, it is through them going through a "jarring experience". Lindsay is our in family expert on this food item. HA!

Thursday 8/10

Eccl. 2:2b "... A time to plant and a time to harvest."

The key to a healthy & plentiful harvest is carrying out both of these practices in a timely manner.

The planting concept doesn't take into consideration several other important steps. While, the harvest process doesn't only deal with the timing in which the farmer picks the crop but many other concerns. The way in which the crop is harvested, the care in which it is picked, the process that is given to the vine, tree, stock, etc. is also impacting to the next years crop.

Timing is key to the ultimate outcome, for instance, care of the soil before planting & also after the harvesting are a vital link to a healthy outcome. Many individuals calling themselves farmers are not aware of these important links to encourage healthy growth, and as a result have limited success.

A successful farmer studies his crop, his best conditions to provide, the natural native weather patterns , rainy or arid, etc. Succesful farming isn't just throwing a seed or plant into the soil, and hoping for the best. Rather it is learning the steps to soil preparation, enhancing the process of plant growth, careful effective enriching & harvesting techniques, etc.

Just as much goes into healthy nurturing of our children throughout their lives, so also much goes into the nurturing of the soul of man. If we fail to care for our spiritual lives we will have greater struggles with the surrounding environment. I believe that much of the turmoil in our nation today, and needless harm, even ultimate death, comes from ignoring these steps to enriching our souls.

Timing & caring are vital links to a healthy, joyous outcome. In our busy, busteling, world; we many times fail to observe these two vital links; timing & concern. Hurry and short range outcome sometimes rule our lifetime of efforts. Placement, timing, preparation, nurturing are not to be neglected, for they all are influential to the long term outcome.

I will never forget when coming home from college my first duty was to help my uncle Leonard to harvest his winter hay. It was the richest crop for the health of his cattle for the summer. If the hay was given time to mature, and then draw in winter moisture, then cure before combining the crop the cattle would be more healthy, result in less illness, healthy breeding & greater calving.

My Uncle L. would talk about all of these processes as we made our way to examine, get equipped for mowing, etc. As we drove down the road he would help me understand & examine the benefit of proper planning, etc. We would look at other farmers & what the outcome was (how much hay they grew in the winter, etc.) the growth of their herds, etc.

I must admit that I was not always as interested in these details, but when helping the farmers in Canada I realized the level of instruction my uncle had passed onto me. These farmers were amazed at how this hick from the sticks could know so much about farming. All of these things had come from my uncle who until he retired was a succesful part time farmer. His farming actually brought more financial success than his trucking job, but he loved the social contact that his trucking brought that he continued in his efforts there.

Please don't forget these two qualities, timing & concern.

So Go With God He is concerned for these very things in our lives. He is aware of the tremendous benefit that these two qualities bring to our lives. He never gets caught up with too much efforts being given for only appearance sake, to the loss of timing & concern for our lives. He knows exactly the necessary attention to place in our lives in these areas. He never gets in a hurry or fails to place His influence into our lives.

Rest in Him my dear one, He knows just the right timing & the best way to express His care in our life.

Lindsay Winterton
brenda x
10 ago 2023

I have known since childhood. It was a big deal in Washington with those long, cold, snowy winters.

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