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Well the answer to "cutting the rug" you all recognized it as talking about dancing. Great job everybody. Here is another brain teaser. What city is the wettest in the US? Is it Seattle, WA.; Pensacola, Fla.; New Orleans, La.; Or Mobile, Ala.? Take a guess. Just a hint: Its average annual rainfall is 69 inches. See how you do.

Saturday 2/11

Prov. 28:4 "To reject the law is to praise the wicked; to obey the law is to fight them."

Paul talked about the extent that wicked people will go, in Rom. 1:28-31 listen to vs. 29-31 "Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness," ... They invented new ways of sinning ... Worse yet, the encouraged others to do them too."

You see when a person abandons God & His laws (becomes wicked) then he losses all reality of right & wrong. Even worse yet he encourages others in his life to invent new ways to sin. (leads in new ways to be corrupted)

You see, true justice comes from God, and those who are ungodly can't understand that. That is why "the fear of the Lord" as spoken of in Prov. 1:7 is the very beginning of wisdom.

Have you noticed today, that the tendencies of the godless people of our day, are prone to throw off any restraint of God's laws and rather attempt to warp civil law to benefit themselves & other wicked people. This is in all actuality attempting to validate, justify their own evil ways. "praise the wicked"

We see this sort of activity today going on in all levels of governing bodies. Why??? Because this is the natural outcome of rejecting God and His laws.

Have you noticed that the focus of our day is more interested in -- talking about feeling, or acting sorry more than on recognizing the wrong that they have committed. The thought is sown -- did he act sorry? Our focus needs rather to be on, was it offensive to God & His laws.

Together lets fight wickedness in our lives & condemn it in our world, for to do otherwise is to really be praising it. You ask how do we do that??? We doggedly obey His laws in every way, uphold it, speak up to it, confirm its validity & truth, and inform others to the many benefits of this sort of lifestyle.

So Go With God for His ways are enlightening & enriching, in every way. Both to us personally and to all those who are surrounded around us.

brenda x
Jo Ann Steward
Feb 11, 2023

I would have guessed Forks Washington



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