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From Pastor Ben


True or False -- On this date in 1789, New Jersey became the first state to ratify the Bill of Rights.

True or False -- On this date New Jersey approved 11 of the 12 proposed amendments, but legislators rejected Article II, which sought to regulate congressional pay raises.

Let's see how you do on this quiz, at least you have a fifty--fifty chance at getting it right.


Ecclesiastes 8:4,5a "4 His command is backed by great power. No one can resist or question it. 5 Those who obey him will not be punished."

Have you looked around and noticed the consequence of ignoring the laws of our land? Unfortunately,  in this present age many people are ignoring the laws which have stood the test of time. Though it appears that their refusal to follow the laws (kings rule) seem to gain many successes. However, these short term gains will result in many long term failures.

Notice: this first phrase of instruction. "His command is backed by great power." These guideline which in Israel have been handed down from God, to leaders, to parents, to children have limitless power. The power of wisdom, and yes even the power of the inevitable outcomes. These laws have been passed on for generations because of their ultimate gain or loss to those who follow or rebel against them..

The kings guidelines (in our case the laws of our country) appear to be weak, limited, they none the less are eternal. Many folks are living in rebellion to these human laws today, with seemingly no consequences, however, these disobedient ones will suffer for their rebellious conduct in time. Some will be seen by others while some will remain hidden by the evil one.

For instance today there are many who disregard the existence of God and His laws, but as this phrase says it.

"No one can resist or question it." Have you noticed that there are many laws of our land though they are on the books are not being upheld today? Unfortunately, those who innocently follow along in ignoring these guidelines. Primarily due to the failure of those who have been placed in the role of upholding these laws. Though they were laid down many years ago primarily from God, the ultimate king. They are ignored today to the peril of their followers.

Sadly, much harm and mayhem has resulted in these past few years due to this response. Many innocent casualties have resulted. For instance, the 100,000 deaths last year of fentanyl poisoning alone. Most of these folks suffered death at the hands of the kings (leaders) refusal to halt these disastrous drugs from coming into our country. We could go on, with many other such atrocities poured out on the innocent, unlearned youth of our country.

The wisdom of these guidelines of past kings (leaders) are borne out in this last phrase of our study. "Those who obey him will not be punished." To the extent that parents and mentors instruct our youth, and pass on these important guidelines to them, then they will as a result be rewarded, with happiness, life, blessing, and success.

SO GO WITH GOD for this is what Solomon, our leaders, parents, and those who are placed in our life to warn and instruct us in His ways are guiding us. Jesus spoke these words many times to those who came to be taught by Him.

Luke 11:28 "... Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it." Listen my dear ones to His instruction for great will be your reward.

brenda x


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