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Pastor’s Corner

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My dear ones, today we remember the suffering of our Lord, but more importantly we look forward to our rejoicing in His resurrection tomorrow.

Our meditation today is found in Prov. 17:16 ”It is senseless to pay to educate a fool, since he has no heart for learning.”

Solomon is reminding us that providing needed learning to someone who has no interest in that learning is like giving a child

a wholesome breakfast after

he has filled up on junk food.

It’s kind of like going through the emergency procedure plan in the airplane. Not until we begin to face a true potential emergency do we take interest.

When we come to the realization that we are in need of God’s wisdom in everyday situations, its then that we get interested in learning. God has filled His Word with a whole pile of treasures hidden in each book.

When I was a teenager and was questioning the reality of Christianity, I hid a ten dollar bill in my dads Bible to see whether my dad was reading his Bible. Sure enough sometime later when dad was reading his devotions He found it. This morning I am reminded of that day when to my surprise Dad took me out to buy a big thick shake to the old time pharmacy in Carterville, Mo. And we alone talked about how much his reading the Bible had helped him in his life. His excitement about the Bible gave me a curiosity to read for myself. He walked me through this book over the next months and caused me to see the value and its benefit.

I began to develop the habit of getting in bed early at night and reading through the Bible, and that helped my brother Dan, to read with me too.

So Go With God and begin exploring the Bible for its wisdom. When your stumped with some challenge go to God and ask Him for wisdom and He will overfill your needs.



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