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Good morning my dear ones, don’t know if you have watched the news much about the recent school shootings. The thing I have noticed is the many opportunities that Christians have had to speak up, as to their faith in Christ & the great comfort that this faith

has in their lives. I’ve noticed that the light of the gospel shines out in the darkest of times.

Speaking of “light”; Did you know that in 1698 King William III enacted a tax on windows in houses with more than 7 windows. Really not kidding, this even was put into law in Savanah, Boston, etc. and many early cities before our nations independence. This was issued as an avenue of taxation as well as the number of chimney’s in your home.

Our meditation today is found in

Prov. 18:24 “A man who has friends must himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

Have you noticed that with young children, friendship is based on the ability of playing well together.

Since babysitting some of my younger grandchildren, I have been reunited with the importance of teaching young children this skill. Getting along! It involves sharing, being thoughtful, unselfish, caring, and the list goes on. Each of you parents with Toddlers could wax eloquent on this skill & ways you have found to teach this to your children.

I am convinced that these skills are never outgrown just changed somewhat. I have been confronted with the importance of these very same skills as middlers and teens, and yes even as adults.

Our role isn’t to get people to like us, but rather to learn ways to develop my skills, to like people. The lesson being taught here in our verses then is not to get people to like you, but rather to like and ultimately to enjoy the uniqueness of others In our life. Or as the saying goes “play nice in the sand box”.

The last phrase assumes that there will be those people in our lives who are never going to be friendly. But, regardless of those that are hard to be friends with, Our Father will always be their in our lives. He is as close to us as we allow Him to be.

In growing up my family was always close. Early on we lived in a neighborhood with very few kids our age. With the exception of church & shopping we were our only close friends. I remember going shopping meant we kids would go to the park in the city center and listen to the seniors tell stories of their lives. We loved those times for there were always seniors around who had great skills at storytelling.

These people without even knowing we’re teaching us children the skills needed for being friends. Listening, sharing, laughing at our mistakes, realizing our dreams, and on the list goes.

I could write a book on the rich lessons taught me by those men & women‘s stories in the central park.

So Go With God and He will always buffer you from hurt if you will only let Him.

I grieve for the many children alive today who know nothing of these rich gifts at their fingertips. Warm friendships, caring parents, a community of adults committed to their innocence & well being, and most importantly a loving Heavenly Father who will always be close and will lovingly surround us in life if we will only draw near to Him.



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