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See if you can finish this blast from the past. Don't touch that ____________

OR You sound like a ______________ record. Let's see how you all do with these sayings of the past.


Psalm 2:10,11 "Now then, you kings, act wisely! Be warned, you rulers of the earth! Serve the Lord with reverent fear, and rejoice with trembling."

The Lord here is warning and encouraging the leaders of men to remember that they have been given the place of leadership not in order to act pridefully but in order to serve the people of their kingdom. This mindset of service, and wise leadership results in the people that a leader is guiding to love and be devoted to him. We see this in just how a boss treats his staff. If he attempts to balance out his industry to his clients, as well as, treating his workers as valued, then they all will return for assistance.

This verse points out for us just what acting with wisdom entails. 1) Serve those that you are given charge over, 2) Recognize your need for reverence to your God and others, 3) Joy in what you are called to do, 4) attempt to improve your life and others.

If we are guided by these principles, then we will prosper. Notice these call words; Living wisely, respectfully towards others, having a tone of reverence toward God, living joyously together, and focusing of purposeful living. All of these principles will bring blessings from God and those who a leader is responsible to lead.

I remember sitting together as a family, and discussing our purpose before God, both individually and as a family. We were collectively deciding what we felt was God's will in our lives. We talked about this often, by examining what our personal gifts were, what our mission as a family was to be, and how we could accomplish growth in all of these areas. These family meetings (devotions) were instrumental in our parents demonstrating what true wisdom meant in our everyday lives.

We learned the benefit of living with mutual respect, and the results that this brought to our family. Even the benefit that carrying out our duties (chores) brought to our family as a whole. We learned how selfless service brought to our lives blessing, joy, and community. We learned how to live in greater harmony, to get major accomplishments completed, and the joy that all of these efforts brought to us all.

Dad and Mom made this look so easy and beneficial that as we grew up we found ourselves entering into this same way of living in our work life, home life, church life, and community life.

SO GO WITH GOD for His plans bring a deep and rich fulfillment to our lives. When the nation of Israel determined to live in this way, they prospered, and were blessed, however, when they walked away from these principles, they ended up in slavery and sorrow. We need to determine to live in this same way throughout our lives. Begin by seeking to live by daily seeking after becoming wise, to develop an attitude of service to others, then develop an atmosphere of mutual respect to those in our lives, and then the natural outcome will become the spirit of joy and rejoicing.

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Guys, at my tender age of 29, these were b4 my time. Dont know 1st one but second one is broken record. Will see tomorrow.

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