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Well good morning all. For those who guessed skin as 15% of their body weight they were right, You might wonder; How is this possible? Well, think about this; 1) Our skin is responsible for protecting our inner body, by protecting us from infection & yes injury. 2) It Also regulates our body temperature. 3) It helps in storing water, fat, and Vitamin D. 4) It even brings into our body important Vitamin D from the sun. 5) It provides information about our surroundings; sensation receptors, such as touch, vibration, pressure, temperature, and yes even those important feeling of pain. So you see just how important skin is top us all off.

  • By the way, When is Dad's bedtime? Three hours after he falls asleep in his chair. HaHaHa.

Wednesday 2/8

Prov. 28:1 "The wicked run away when no one is chasing them, but the godly are as bold as lions."

This warning goes back to a covenant that God made to the Jews in Lev. 26 where He made a series of promises if the nation would follow His instructions:

(Live righteously- in harmony with God's laws) He would:

Vs. 4 Give them seasonal rains

Cause the land to produce crops

Vs. 6 Give peace, sleep, and security

Vs. 9 Give healthy children

Vs. 11 God will live among them

(Live wickedly, refuse to live by His laws)

Vs. 16 He will punish them

Bring terrors upon them, disease, fevers, blindness, defeat by enemies, fear even when alone

Psa. 53:5 talks about this same consequence from denying, or ignoring His ways. Being fearful even when there is nothing to fear. Better known today as guilty paranoia.

Wickedness (denying or disobedience of God & his ways) results in running even when there is no cause to run. (Sounds like climate change, Right?). These folks are always living with their eyes on the rearview mirror. Their outlook has the tendency of feeling guilty about what they did or said, and was it wrong.

Righteousness (obedience or fellowship). results in feelings of might & courage, comparable in the animal world to the lion. (Top of the animal world)

Have you ever noticed that when a person has a guilty conscience, they have a tendency to become jumpy at the slightest noise. On the other hand, people with a clear conscience and transparent fellowship with God, have the tendency to be bold & confident expectancy in God's working in their lives.

Today's secular psychology has much to do with striving to transfer guilt. Such as, the reason they lie is because others lied to them, they steal because while growing up others depraved them. However, as a believer they have no need or reason to transfer guilt to others because, all of their sin & guilt was transferred to Jesus, who willingly paid the price for it.

So as a result of this, we can be bold because we realize that we're righteous not based on who or where we are, but rather because of the fact that we are in Jesus, who is the source of our righteousness.

Wow!!! All of these resources are in our lives, we have been enjoying them, even though we were not really aware.

So Go With God for He has filled us with all of His resources. Live boldly, confidently, expectantly because He has blessings, challenges ahead for us all.

Lindsay Winterton
Jo Ann Steward


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