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Good morning, here's a good question for you. Is Betty Crocker a real person or is she a fabricated person? Why not tell me your thoughts True or False, and next time I'll give you the answer.

Friday 6/23

On the lighter side, Which spider makes the best father? Well, of course, the Daddy long legs. Ha, ha

Please be sure to pray for the families of the submersible tragedy participants.

Prov. 31:26 "When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness."

That last phrase in the King James Version reads; "And her tongue is the law of kindness."

Any person who is guided by words that are enhanced by wisdom certainly deserves honor & praise. This is an entire book that teaches us about the proper use & the misuse of speech. James 3:2 speaks to the challenge of controlling our tongue & the destruction possible if it is not under control.

So we see here that the virtuous woman not only is guided by wisdom, but she also gives her instructions founded in kindness.

We have all experienced the sharp tongue & especially the disapproving harsh use of instruction. One teacher that stood out in my school life was my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Fischer. She not only was kind and insightful, but she was filled with the wisdom of how to guide rambunksous boys to desire learning. She knew just how to guide the curiosity of a young mind to gain truth.

In the third grade I was having a hard time academically, my parents were considering holding me back. However, I remember Mrs. Fischer saying, Oh no, he's to old to be held back, Please just give me this year to help him show progress.

I had started school one year too soon, I was on the borderline of just when to start, and I also was pretty immature for my age. To top it off I was the shortest, smallest boy of all of in the fourth grade classes. We were poor and kindergarten was not offered for free, so I wasn't able to attend those classes. As a result I was behind my class & then to top it off she found that I needed glasses.

She moved me to the front row of my class, but that wasn't enough. So she set out to raise funds along with other teachers to get me a pair of glasses. Unbeknownst to me my neighbor donated her sons last set of frames, the Joplin Optical donated the cost of lenses, and the teachers pooled together along with the optometrist to pay for my exam. I remember walking out of the Optical building and clearly seeing for the first time in many years, I was amazed. Once home I went out and laid down in the grass and stared up at the leaves, trees & most importantly the birds.

I shared all of this to express the depth of wisdom & kindness of Mrs. Fischer towards me a little struggling poor boy. My older sister Nancy teamed up with her to help me learn the skills I needed to pass the 4th grade. This was the help I needed & passed I did, in fact I promoted from her class with the highest grades.

I learned first hand the need for learning & kindness. This lesson has guided me throughout my lifetime, whether as a school administrator, a school plant manager, or as a pastor. This combination of wisdom, instruction & kindness are aa overwhelming team, to together share in.

Isn't it interesting to note the our Heavenly Father ministers to us in this very same way. So Go With God for He alone has all wisdom and at the same time all kindness. Many times Mrs. Fischer would compliment me for my acheivements which were really below my classmates. She would brag on me to the class. little did I know this was her strategy to bring me out of my struggle with inferiority. Behind the scenes she asked other teachers to pour on this encouragement as well. Little did I know but all of these efforts were guided by my dear teacher.

In the same way our spiritual Father champions the forces of righteousness to affirm our worthyness. Oh my dear one, He loves you & me. Daily He is heaping on us His & others praise, for His love is boundless. Won't you bask in the many expressions of his love, The sunny day warmth, the mid day music of the birds, the evening breeze, these are all an affirmation that you are loved.

brenda x


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