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Tuesday 10/11

Tomorrow is Columbus Day and when talking about that dangerous trip to America this is what he said. "I attest that the Spirit, with marvelous rays of light consoled me through the holy Scriptures ... encouraging me to proceed, and, continually, without ceasing for a moment, they inflamed me with a sense of great urgency."

For his great courage to follow God through what was thought to be an impossible mission we are endeared to him, as individuals and as a nation.

Prov. 23:15,16 "My child, if your

heart is wise, my own heart will rejoice! Everything in me will celebrate when you speak what is right."

This follow up thought of the warning for parents to uphold discipline in their childrens life speaks of the two benefits.

1) the child will be lead to follow

wisdom and as a result will begin

to make wise decisions on his


2) everyone else will be blessed by

his life being lead with wisdom &

become a cause for celebration

Tomorrow we celebrate Columbus Day primarily because he was enlightened to believe there was a whole new land of opportunity beyond where men had adventured.

This thought was drawn from his study of the scriptures. You see, the common thought of his day was that the earth was flat so to go to the edge would bring destruction.

But Columbus and a number of other men through Studying the Bible determined the earth was round. That there was much to be learned in that uncharted land.

They together set out to convince their king to join in this venture to start a new colony on this uncharted land. Finally, their courage and challenge won out and the king joined in.

They began what we know as today as the discovery of the America's. These men took the path of wisdom due to their parents discipline in their lives. Each of the captains of this fleet later recognized their parents influence in their lives to read; the Bible & other books of scientific

study which guided them to this discovery.

Amazingly, this discovery caused a boom to world travel & now we have begun these adventures beyond our earth into outer space. This study & adventure has caused us to realize just how immense is this universe and just How Great is our God.

So Go With God and who knows just what the results will be? He has many truths & blessings in store for you. Don't be caught up by this limited world we live in.

They have become their own god and as result have no new horizons of discoveries. Instead of following wisdom that comes from God our Heavenly Father they are attempting to force others into their godless existence.

Look to Him and we will discover new horizons yet waiting for us.

Lindsay Winterton


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