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Well most of you were right. The firstTV show recorded in front of a live audience, was I Love Lucy. Way to go everybody.

Saturday 1/28

Prov. 27:16 "Stopping her complaints is like trying to stop the wind or trying to hold something with greased hands."

This warning sets forth two examples of the possibility of a stopping a quarrelsome person, in this case woman, but the intimation is that either gender can fall into quarrelsome ways.

Bear in mind these proverbs were written by Solomon to enlighten his sons on pitfalls that may harm their lives. In their lives a wife could also be compared to a close friend or trusted ally. Several other verses in Proverbs were concerning these varied issues.

Now, with those possibilities, lets turn this thought around, to consider just how devastating being or becoming a quarellsome person can impact others.

  1. Is compared to ability/power to withstand the wind

2. As compared to an impossiblility of gripping something that is coated with a lubricant

Becoming a quaresome person; remember its definition -- given to or characterized by argumentative conduct.

The Palestinian wind is a prevailing force in February-June from the east. (Cold)

In November-February from the west. (Hot)

So to be compared to wind, a constant force is emphasizing the constancy that this harmful conduct to our lives. This arguing conduct can bring a powerful influence on the argumentative person & and

those around them.

I remember after spending two years all summer long traveling by canoe, portaging many lakes, I was

attempting to paddle a two man canoe around the bend of in mountainous terrain. Each time I got

exposed to the prevailing wind (around the point) it turned me around, in reverse of where I wanted to go. Not until I sat in the bottom of the boat, could I head toward my intended direction. Even starting

up the boat motor at full throttle wouldn't bring success in turnng around. (Heading a new direction)

So this firm warning of the danger that comes from this is directed to both sides 1) those allowing

argumentative conduct into our lives or 2) being argumentative. It is impossible to contend with, until

we surrender to God.

The extensive impact that giving into this sort of conduct is clearly seen, its impossible to control its influence, and its impossible to give any sort of positive benefit too, either.

We've all met those folks who are as the saying goes, "bent on arguing" or "outside of reasoning with". This warning is focused on giving objectivity to the party that is experiencing harm. If your a fixer, this sort of conduct is not one you can repair, or even at best repurpose.

As we will see in the next verse the benefit that comes from becoming a person of good conduct & his ability to overcome any adversary, when we are directed by God, rather than by the evil of a godless world.

So Go With God for His ways will always bring progress & blessing. Join me next week as we learn some more blessings that our Father has in store for us.