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Good morning you all, a little down south lingo. Can you guess where snowmen go to dance? Yeah you were right, “Snowballs”

Our meditation for today is

Prov. 17:26 “It is wrong to punish the godly for being good or to flog leaders for being honest.”

Our focus goes to two evil actions, punishing others for doing good, and disciplining honest leaders.

We must remember that there is an unspoken contrast here. We should always remember to reward those who do good or bad, and we should always speak out when we witness a leader being honest or dishonest.

When these four apposing poles are ignored, positively or negatively, then perversion will become the norm of a society.

I fear that our society is sliding into that zone. You may think; Well just how is that the case?

I remind us that, We have sunken to the place that every level of our lands court system have ruled that our education system can fire a leader for conducting a righteous act. (in this case a teacher can be fired simply for praying)

The Supreme is considering this week whether this righteous action is an act worthy of being fired for.

What do you say? I am proud to say that a group of righteous lawyers have set out to defend this teacher, and that many good people have donated money (millions of dollars) to defend this teacher. But it saddens me that it is necessary to go to this length, to defend the righteous act of a simple prayer.

I remember in my life when each day, at school was begun with prayer. That was a normal everyday practice, How far we have moved. A teacher has to go all the way to the Supreme Court to defend his right to pray. Wow!!!

We can see by this one instance how serious this Proverb should be taken today.

That candy bar reward I have been doing for quite some time has stood out to me as my way of rewarding good. (hard courteous work)

So Go With God and purpose to reward good actions and honest leadership. If we purpose to live out this simple action and tell them our reason for doing it. This may begin a chain reaction of good actions and honesty being rewarded.



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