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Here's a question for you to ponder. Which came first the can or the can opener? Second question; For what purpose was the can developed? More tomorrow with your answer.

Here is another thought. Why was the mime upset? Well silly because; Someone called her a clown. Others called it a cover-up. Ho, ho. It's Monday so I'm a little dazed.

Monday 5/22

Prov. 30:28 "Lizards-they are easy to catch, but they are found even in kings palaces."

This small & unusually wise creature focuses us on his resourcefulness. Though slow, easily caught, and even still he is found living in many places of importance. Beautiful gardens, opulent homes, and large austere buildings.

Even though this reptile is declared unclean in Lev. 11:29-30; in fact touching them, resulted in becoming unclean. So we learn that even after being recognized as unclean, we can still gain wisdom from that creature. The primary issue was that they were not to be eaten, however, they none the less could be used to gain wisdom from. In fact Solomon gained insight into a cave under Jerusalem to provide water for the city in a time of siege from the lizard, appearing & disappearing through this small cave. Because of that he led the men to open up this water way from inside the city, leaving the outside entrance untouched, so the armies wouldn't recognize this way into the city.

While visiting the abundance of springs this last month, I was reminded of this truth, of God's continuous presence & constant guidance for each of us, if we will but walk in Him through our trials. He uses the simple of our world to teach greatness.

We see the behavioral trait of the lizard is his resourcefulness. Though he is rather small & slow can be found in all sorts of locations, able to find their way into the narrowest location. Whether upside down on the ceiling, or quietly moving across the floor, we find them in the most unusual locations.

This small inconspicuous animal is not feared, but rather is held in awe as they are found thriving in the most unusual places. From caves far below the ground to heights where men need the assistance of oxygen to survive. They silently comfortably live in the most extreme circumstance. They live there with no seeming concern. With the ability to calmly approach what we may be overwhelmed by, with total calm & nonchalant demeanor. Whether upside down on the ceiling, or through a crevice smaller than their size that would appear to be impossible, still they move through these locations.

We in the same way need to learn from their ability to face seeming impossible limits and yet come to understand just how to face these difficulties with the calmness & certainty of our example the lizard.

So Go With God for he the creator of the lizard, also has the ability to cause us to survive & thrive in the most impossible circumstance. Look at Esther, she learned this most impossible circumstances. Loss of her family, taken captive as a slave, brought into the kings palace, given a trial audience with the king, called on by God to appear before the king against royal precedence, calling out his most trusted ally for deceit, all of this and more, yet she sought God her father for resourcefulness. "For such a time as this". Our Eternal Father calls us in the same way to hold onto our trust in Him even when the circumstances seem impossible. My dear one, rest, and move in certainty and in tune with Him, for He will prevail in your life, as you put your total trust in Him.

Lindsay Winterton


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