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From Pastor Ben:

Amazing Wonder:

Did you know that the human brain runs on less power than a 60-watt lightbulb?

To just compare why this is so amazing: IBM’s Watson, the supercomputer that beat Jeopardy champions on daytime television in 2011 uses around 85,000 watts to electronically outfox a human!

Monday 10/3


Eccl. 5:15 We all come to the end of our lives as naked and empty-handed as on the day we were born. We can’t take our riches with us.

Here we come to Solomon's third warning as to why putting too much of an emphasis on the amassing of money is foolish.  For anything that we gain ownership of, we of necessity must leave it behind in this world. What Solomon is encouraging us to look at is that everything that we gain in this life is meaningless in eternity. We should make the greatest focus on the eternal. While we of necessity must place some importance on this life's affairs, it is wise to keep eternity in the forefront of our mind.

Job made a similar statement in Job 1:21 that was due primarily to the experience he had of losing his wealth, children, financial gains, and even respect of his friends. And. Solomon came to understand in his life that the amassing of wealth in comparison to eternal gain is a “worthless task” in Eccl. 3:10.

Cecil Rhodes spent his life exploiting the natural resources, and people of South Africa. When he was about to die, he cried out in remorse these words: "I’ve found much in Africa. Diamonds, gold and land are mine, but now I must leave them all behind. Not a thing I’ve gained can be taken with me. I have not sought eternal treasures, therefore I actually have nothing at all."

Another example is the person with ten antique cars. He is obligated to store them, wax them, and keep them tuned. Thus, his possessions possess him.

So we conclude this one truth:

Go With God and He will aid us in keeping the main thing just that, the main thing! And the only other entity is this life, other than our precious Lord, that is of eternal nature is other human beings. Everything else will be left behind. You can see that Solomon ultimately is urging us to focus on how we live before Christ but also "Others."

Jesus set this example for us in His time while here, He invested in the lives of all those who came into His life. He ministered to all types of people: rich, poor, well, sick, rude, kind, destructive, helpful, all of these and more. We need to keep our eyes trained on others in need in our life. Just as Jesus said, "Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy laden." For anyone in our perview who has been weighted down by life without the knowledge of Jesus, we should be anxious to pass on the Good News.


Don't forget the most open to talking about God are those who are struggling, hurt, and transitioning in their life. Keep your eye trained on these folks for they will be the most open to the Good News.

brenda x


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