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I was wrong yesterday about no one getting the right answer on the number of gallons a camel can drink. Lindsay gave the right answer of 30 gallons, sorry about that Lindsay. Thank all you guys for commenting each day. I hope this little bit of trivia is fun for you.

Heres a new bit of trivia. In the 1950's grocery stores were often closed on what day of the week? Sunday; Tuesday; Thursday; Saturday make a guess.


Psalm 7:6-8 "Arise, O Lord, in anger! Stand up against the fury of my enemies! Wake up, my God, and bring justice! Gather the nations before you. Rule over them from on high. The Lord judges the nations. Declare me righteous, O Lord, for I am innocent, O most high!"

In this third part of chapter 7 David appeals to God for judgment of all those forces in his life who are unfairly accusing him of being unfair, and unjust in his dealings. He is requesting God to stand in judgement of all those who are unfairly abusing their positions of influence, and their slandering of him in his life.

This request for God's interjecting Himself into his life would only come if he were innocent of those things that they were accusing him of. David is upholding his integrity and righteous dealings before the Lord in regard to those things he is being accused of.

Now, be sure to know that David is not claiming himself to be sinless, but rather that he is innocent of the things he is being accused of. The assumption here is that he and his army were doing things which were harmful to Israel, but he was requesting for God to reveal his conduct as just, this was primarily out of concern for the congregation of the righteous. (the Hebrew nation) Various inferences throughout the historical writings by Saul and his officers, were that David was attacking outlying tribes, in an attempt to bring wealth to himself, with no regard for these innocent parties.

Saul was striving to destroy the goodwill that Israel had towards David, from the Jewish people. When gentile marauders would attack these outlying tribes, Saul would make the accusation that this was carried out by David and his men. When in fact, David was attempting to do all that he could to protect Israel, God's chosen people. Though he was forced to deal with these surrounding Gentile nations, due to Saul's constant attacks of David and his army. He did all he could to assure that the Hebrew people were safely cared for, all the while Saul was attempting to harm his reputation.

David was aware that God had annointed him to be the next king of Israel, therefore his reputation before Israel was of vital importance.

At the same time In Saul's last days he turned from honoring, and obeying God, to seeking favor and success from surrounding evil nations, and then when this backfired, he would cast blame of David. Rather than recognizing the harm that his disobediences was bringing harm on him and the nation and then repenting, he would attempt to place the blame on David and his men. This was his tactic to gain favor with the people.

David here was asking God to make right these false accusations, to uphold the truth and innocence of his efforts. Have you ever experienced times like this in your life? If SO...

GO WITH GOD for just as David experienced the Lord reigns in justice and truth and He will work in our lives in the very same way. As we live with these principles, we can say, "Declare me righteous, O Lord".

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