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Thursday 11/17

Can you guess what vehicle was built by Lamborghini? if you guessed a tractor you guessed right. In fact, due to the struggling farming industry Mr. L. built the first tractors from surplus military materials. Who’d of thunk it?

Prov. 25:13 “Trustworthy messengers refresh like snow in summer. They revive the spirit of their employer.”

Col. 3:23 is the New Testament affirmation to this Proverb; “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than people.”

Both of these verses are emphasizing the mindset that the believer should take as his focus in the working world. Remember who you are serving, Our Heavenly Father, not just our employer, or the person we are providing a service for.

Taking on this mindset will cause you to become a refreshing burst of blessing to those you are serving with, your boss, the owner, your supervisor, etc. etc., but most importantly your Savior, Jesus. Our best ministry tool to transfer the saving work of Christ to those people in our life, is our outlook on our daily duties.

As we look around us, this is the missing ingredient in most of our world. From the garbage man - to the president; most of those in between have lost the eternal influence of their daily effort. You see when we take on this focus in our daily life, it brings as it were, “a click in our step”. This concept is caught not taught.

The secular world has attempted to teach this through seminars, workshops, colleges, etc. However, they have much of the time failed for they have left out the eternal piece, the Savior.

Once we take on this outlook, “Only what’s done for Christ will last”, rather than punching a time clock, or gathering a tip, or making a sale, all of this becomes an eternal endeavor.

My goal in life was to pass this on to my kids, once they have caught this in their lives, to the extent that they followed that, it is to that measure that they experienced success. There have been many areas in my life that resulted in struggles, and yes even failures, however, Becky & I have seen our children accomplish many successes. From my outlook, they have achieved much more than I could have dreamt. In fact, much more even than I have accomplished in my life time.

Our greatest desire for our children has always been that they have such a strong & vibrant walk with Jesus; that all of those who are in their pathway, would be refreshed and drawn to seek to know of the Christ they serve. For now, Becky & I are in prayer that together with our children, that our grandchildren will catch that very same vision.

“For us to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

So Go With God then He will guide you to live out a life of refreshment & blessing to others. Unfortunately our believing world has lost that mindset, and the result is seen all around us.

Don‘t lose sight, “Trustworthy messengers refresh like snow in summer, they (bring) revival … to their employer.” However, Not just their employer, but also to those they are employed with. Keep your eyes on eternity & you will draw others to be eternally refreshed in heaven.



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