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Good morning my believing family, the news of our day is so troubled, I must pass this joke onto you for a moment of jest. What did the worm say to the other when he came home late? Where on earth have you been?

On the serious side let’s look to our meditation in Prov. 15:5 “The Lord detests the proud; they will surely be punished.”

You may be asking just; Why are the actions of pride so offensive to God? and Why does He promise to punish it?

Well let’s take a minute to think about just why the Lord is offended by pride. Ponder on this; It’s because pride has everything backwards.

The person filled with pride is taking credit away from the Giver, who gives graciously & awards it to the receiver who in turn takes what has been freely given without even so much as a thought of thanks or appreciation.

That is why Our Father who is the giver of all is offended to the point of calling it detestable.

This by the way is an interesting study, just a few inferences:

Lev. 20:22 refusal to honor God’s laws regarding sexual perversions

Deut. 7:25 taking idols into your home for personal honor

Prov . 8:7 God detests intentional dishonesty in order to mislead others

Our Father saw pride as something to be repulsEd by in the book of Proverbs and in many other places in the Bible. This word repulsed was a word used in terms of the stench, or response of the odor of a decaying body.

In this way, God is warning us to not take credit for God’s work. Everything we enjoy in life is a gift from God, so when we attempt to take credit for that He is offended.

So Go With God and be cautious to give honor to Him in all we do, the result will be, He will be pleased, and will in turn bring honor on us and then the world all about us will be directed to draw to God through our humility.



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