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Happy Friday everybody. Thank you Jen for sharing with us the uniqueness of Hopalong. What a special cat he is. We had one cat that was also a talker, we so enjoyed him Oliver. Oh by the way thank you for the correction of originator of Satisfaction song, it was The Rolling Stones. The correct answer was 20 toes on cats. We thank our Heavenly Father for His unique creative work in all of us, for each quality has a unique part of our life message. From safety traffic guidelines to how we walk.

Do you know how many people live in our neighboring state of Arizona? Is it 5million; 9.8million; 7.3million; Or 12million? Tune in tomorrow. Here is a hint: it is the 6th most populated state, but still has that small town community feel.

Friday 2/3

Prov. 27:21 "Fire tests the purity of silver and gold, but a person is tested by being praised."

In order to fully understand what the first part of the verse has to do with the second part, we need to point out the consistent theme. You may ask, What does processing fine metals have to do with being complimented? Thats a great question. My answer is both have to do with being tested.

Heating up precious metal causes the impurities to be seen (they rise to the top) & if the owner is prudent they will remove the impurities seen and as a result cause the metal to become even more valuable.

In this way compliments draw attention to those good qualities & acheivements we have made for the benefit of others. Secondly, it teaches us the value of our responses.

If we take the compliments of others in a way that brings a proud response, (yes aren't I great) that will cause us to become haughty. However, if we bring the focus onto God and how He guided us in this action, then our success brings glory to Him. This sort of response at the same time lifts Him up and creates the desire for others to seek God's involvement in their lives.

You see that is the test. Whether we purpose for others to be made aware of God and His great wisdom, or whether we focus the attention on ourselves.

When in high school I experienced learning this lesson. I was told to resaearch and write a paper about some impressive person in my life. I thought about that and was impressed to write about the way Kmart & Walmart handled my dilemma.

I saved money from my lawn mowing to buy a new larger mower. My present mower 18 inches had been traded to me for a month of free mowing. But is was getting worn out and the repairs were more & more frequent, I was impressed by the lawn repair expert to start preparing to buy another mower before it was too late.

I told my dad of my dilemma so he took me shopping for a new mower, and then made the deal with me that for every dollar I saved he would contribute a dollar. The difference in cost of Kmart & Walmart was $50 dollars. So after putting all my profits in savings the day came that I had enough money to buy the same mower at Kmart. It was a 32 inch mower, so I got jobs done more quickly.

After many months of mowing, the start up rope wore out so the Kmart store had promised me that they repaired the mower for a full year & did it right in the automotive dept. So my brother & I loaded the mower in the trunk of the car (he was my business partner). Upon arriving at Kmart we found that all of those promises were not true. After hearing those discouraging words, we got into the car & my brother wisely said, well, Walmart sells that same mower lets see if they will help us.

We drove there and described our dilemma and the auto manager, responded by calling his boss to see if they could help us. It was near closing time for the auto dept. and the manager told us to stand by and he would take a few minutes to help us with the repair. The big door closed and sure enough he brought us to the side door, took the parts out of stock, gave them to us & showed us with his tools, how to do the repair. During our process he told me about Sam Walton (the Owner of Walmart) & how he had helped him to get his life problems solved and led him to Christ in the mean while.

When this assignment came up, I decided to interview Sam Walton & write my paper about him. Long story short, Upon calling him he invited me to come visit him in Bentoville, Ark. in person, he arranged to bus me to his office and took me around his headquarters. I told him about my reason for thinking of him.

His wife invited me to stay for dinner at their house & we had such a great time visiting that I missed my bus. Sam invited me to stay over night & he would right after breakfast, take me to the first bus out in the morning. I called mom & after convincing her that it was safe, they were Christians. She said OK.

That evening he told me his story about the business, and he began to share about his partner, Christ with me & how to be saved. I assured him that I knew Jesus, and in fact next year was going to college to prepare for the ministry. All of this was due to my brother asking the simple question, I wonder if the Walmart store would help us.

  • Short story longer, Sam felt that he wanted to support me in my schooling and in ministry after that. Upon graduation each month for ten years I would receive a crisp $100 bill from him & a note to encourage me to keep up the good work. Serve the Lord, with my life, for He will never fail me. I was able to conduct church ministry throughout my Bible school years using his donations to fund the work. I could bore you with so much more but, just to say.

Go With God for He will accomplish so much more in your life if you will surrender each day to Him. Make your aim to pass onto Him the compliments for your successes and you'll be amazed at what will happen.

I pass onto you a simple adage from my friend Jack Wyrtzen "Little becomes much when God is in it."

I consider in my life that I have enjoyed living among God's giants. We may not see it on this side of heaven, but God's promises are sound in every way.

brenda x
Jo Ann Steward
Feb 03, 2023

I just cheated... sorry, devil made me do it. I goggled it. As of 2022, 7.26 million live in Az.



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