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Can you believe it? It’s already Thursday. Wow

So tell me can you remember who produced the first cell phone? Was it Bell or Motorola, Nokia, or IBM? I’ll give you a few hints, it was released in 1984, it was nick named the brick. Why not give me your guess. No cheating on the internet, just your guess & I’ll tell you the right answer tomorrow.

Todays meditation is found in

Prov. 21:18 “The wicked are punished in place of the godly, and traitors in place of the honest.”

This verse is a warning or reminder of the fact that right always wins out.

Remember our study of the term wicked it isn’t just those who do wrong. It is defined as those who every time chose to do wrong. Those who intentionally rebel against God’s wisdom every time. Those who seek to lead the innocent, or the foolish in their way. Those who harm themselves if need be to mislead others. Who even when given a clear alternative choice still intentionally go their own way.

In a nut shell they ultimately end up finding out that their evil life will result in eternal harm. Notice their

greatest evil is purposefully misleading others (called a traitor). Their own destruction is bad enough but their leading others in that same way was unforgivable.

Do you think that was Satan’s unforgivable sin? Misleading

angels into evil, rebellious ways? If you have any thoughts on this comment back on this.

By the way I promised you I would finish my Uncle’s story. He had

read Isa. 4:1-6 that morning and was reminded of God’s promise to the Jews of protection from the sun by day and refuge from the storm by night. (As a tree)

He found rest from the tree God’s illustration in Isa. 4, but as evening came he began to wonder if he would ever be found? He called out to God and he was reminded of the end of the verse. “It (He) will be a refuge & hiding place from the storm & rain.”

He wondered how is this the right answer? When suddenly it began to rain and a summer storm set in. He cried out to God again & asked Him for help to understand when suddenly a lightening bolt struck the tree and set its limbs on fire. Then in a while he heard the fire truck coming to put the fire out before the farmers crop was set on fire. They finished putting out the fire, shut the pumps off.

Then Uncle Perry yelled out & the fire men heard something like yelling. They went to the other side of the pit, shined the light down & saw him resting on the tree root. Then they rescued him.

Shortly he had a sign made inside the counter of his implement business, quoting Isa. 4:6 “It will be a shelter & shade from the heat of the day, and a refuge and hiding place from the storm & rain.”

He told me & dad that story many times. Then he’d say Benny if He could do that for me He will do that for you. Don’t forget that He loves you & will always take care of you.

So Go With God and He will

care for you. No matter how bleak things look He is caring for you. My Uncle Perry began from then on reading the Bible looking for God’s fingerprints in his life. He challenged me to do the same, especially amid struggles & sure enough Our Heavenly Father is busy revealing His workings in our life. “You that fear the Lord, Trust in the Lord: He is your help & your shield.” Psa. 115:11

Lindsay Winterton


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