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Have you ever wondered just when this fork laying in your hands was invented? and then how many parts does a fork have? Well, it makes your guess on this seemingly simple subject. Does it have 2; 7; 10; or 13 parts? Which do you think it has? More tommorow on this instrument we call the fork. Also can you guess why the Indians said the white leaders spoke with forked tongue?

Wednesday 5/24

Prov. 30 31a "Four things that walk with stately stride ... the strutting rooster"

Today we look to the barn yard, rather than at the jungle. In the barn yard we compare the gait of the rooster, and the hen. For the most part the hen is hunched over searching any piece of grain, or small bugs & worms to devour, for they are on a mission. Eat enough food in order to be able to bear healthy full sized eggs. While the rooster has the duty of protecting the hen from intruders. Much of his purpose is to present a presence which protects his brood of hens from predators.

He sets the hours of roaming, when wondering onto an abundance of food he will call the hens to feed on it. Such as a large worm, or bug, there are never ants roaming around chickens for they are desirable feire for lunch. He alarms hens of danger, pecks younger hens when they are prone to take positions of improper importance. (Place in sleeping, older hens take the higher perches, while younger developing hens take lower perches). Reason? The younger are more agile & therefore have a quicker response time

The rooster protects the hens from outside predators, snakes, possums, racoons, foxes, etc. He warns the farmer of the presence of harmful activity. (Strangers, animal stealing eggs, etc.)

Most broods have at least one rooster in order to keep order in the brood. Make sure the mature layers are given priority in feeding, laying, sleeping, etc. Also, if babies are in need of fertilization in order to have baby chicks, in order to keep the brood healthy. It is always in needs of chicks because baby chicks aren't layers for several months.

When I was about 5 years old mom & I walked to the family house that raised chickens for their selling eggs. The children usually delivered eggs, however, mom had promised to feed, water, and harvest eggs while they were gone on vacation. The families who bought ages, came to our house to pick up their supply of eggs. So we fed & watered, them twice a day & then dad gathered them into the chicken coop in the evening for protection.

One particular day I walked in the barnyard first while mom was getting the grain for feeding. I'm not sure what happened, but the rooster thought I was an enemy and while I was carrying water to their trough, began to warn the chicken's, and flutter his wings at me, and then when I continued, he pecked me in the face several times. Due to the severity of the cut and the closeness of distance from my eye, I required doctor attention both to protect from infection & the cut, required one stitch.

I learned very quickly to listen to the head rooster, and the speed at which a rooster can peck at you. And also what was meant by the term "Hen pecked", Ha!

So when this verse speaks of the strutting rooster, I am aware of the warning that they give in this strutting, its not just for appearance, it also has very vital meaning.

So Go With God for He gives us guidance in life, warnings, alerting, directing & even needed protection. Just as the rooster protects his brood, so also He overshadows us & cares for us.

Once a cat got into the fenced barn yard & the rooster went on the attack & quickly the Tom cat jumped the fence and high tailed it. He stopped a good distance away and licked his wounds. Also when young immature male chicks would wonder over the fence, the mature rooster would herd them back in, and then would give them verbal warnings when they were getting to close to the fence. Today we would say they are security agents.

In the same way our Heavenly Father is caring for us, for He knows the danger that lurks in our path & strives to guide us out of its influences. So you see sometimes we feel like we are being crowded, or over protected, but in reality He is trying to gently guard & protect us, but we are too immature to appreciate His care for us. My friend, glory in His care, for this is a reminder of the important value that He places on us.

Lindsay Winterton
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May 25, 2023




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