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My dear saint one of the benefits of becoming a goal setter is that the mere task of setting goals brings a focus to our energy. You see without the focus that goals bring to us our thinking is diffused.(spread out)

Which results in less impact from our efforts. Example: Right now to clear up my lungs I have been given breathing exercises that I have been given the number of times I am to do throughout the day this helps me focus on things that clear my lungs.

In the same way goals focus our energy in order to give greater impact from our efforts. Paul emphasized this in 1 Cor. 9:26 “So I run but not without a clear Goal ahead of me. So I box but not as if I were just shadow boxing.” (GW). In others words not just running in circles, he had a purpose and was moving towards it. Goals help bring focus to which things are worthy of our effort. Unfortunately we don’t have time for everything. But God doesn’t expect us to do everything. Sadly sometimes due to the fact that we fail to determine our priorities we end up focusing on second-class causes. Have you noticed that most of the things we see going on today will be forgotten in just a matter of days. Our keeping focused is vitally important because most of what our world is yelling about is almost never important. Paul’s advice to the believers at Ephesus 5:16 “Make the most of your opportunities because these are evil days.” So my saint take the time to set your priorities and hold to them or we’ll not accomplish sharing in God’s goal of bringing the Good News to our world. See ya soon

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