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Wanted to share that Lakeside Baptist Church officially has a new play structure for our family area. This week and next we will begin planning and disassembling the playground. In order to so so, we will need lots of help from our church members and volunteers to meet the deadline for removal. Now is the time, for us as a church to bind together in prayer and of our own abilities and come together to complete this task he has given us. Please pray and meditate, that we will be able to move the play structure without complications and to allow others to feel the need to assist us in moving the structure to its new home. God answers all prayers. To GOD be the glory. Please reach out to Ben Markley and Ben Markley Jr. if you would be able to assist.

Oct 12, 2021

Play Structure and 6 set swings are both up and the miracles continue to happen! Pastor and Kyle went to start shoveling and wheelbarrowing the wood chips at the school site into a roll-off for transport when the contract superintendent stopped them and he said they will go ahead do it. This after that was not even an option before. God is working as we continue to proceed forward! And the Dream Team came out last Saturday and painted all the church trim and much needed side . Thank you Dave and Robert for coming out also to help them!



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