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A huge request for prayer for a serious motorcycle accident that happened at the Orlando International Airport at about 10:45 PM Sunday night. A few hours ago I came back from the accident. It was a man on a sportbike who I was told by witnesses that he was wearing a helmet and shorts driving very fast passing people but when the road curved he didn't make the turn and hit a cement pole cutting him and the bike in-half or in pieces. I ask for prayer that he excepted Jesus Christ Salvation or that God gives him a second chance in life to live for God/Jesus Christ. His body was ripped apart and I got down on the ground to pray with him and to tell him about Jesus Christ's love and salvation for him. I tried to keep him conscious and to keep breathing until the paramedics got there. Please check the people you know in Orlando. If anyone knows this man I and my ministry will do all we can to help/support his friends and family. This is a request from a motorcycle ministry in Florida

Lakeside Baptist Church
Cheryl Ortiz
Cheryl Ortiz
01 oct 2020

Wow prayers

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