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l a Dave friend from refuge run

Wednesday ~ Dearest Friends, here is the update from Donna Wildes , La Dave 's sister. Please Pray wholeheartedly for Donna and family; as we all go through this time period of waiting.

***Okay!!! I just got off the phone with La Dave David Andrews nurse and things are not looking good for him. He’s off all meds. Including pain meds, sedations and bp meds. He is still unresponsive. No gag reflexes, no coughing and no response to pain. Can’t take him off the ventilator cuz he isn’t able to sustain breathing on his own. Said he suffered a pretty significant brain injury and they don’t think his brain will be able to come back from it. He has only brain stem function at this time. They said he’s in wat they call a holding pattern which means keeping him comfortable and trying to prevent any further complications from happening. I’m so devastated. Please pray for a miracle.


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