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Doctor said his eye looks great. No more redness or swelling. He's impressed how great it looks. He said that the iris is bulging and the stitches look great. He was able to do an exam with the light and he has no sign of infection. He was able to check his vision and he does seem to have his vision. It is still unclear how well he can see or not, but he can see. He said that it was a bad thing his cornea was scratch, but also a good thing at the same time. Since the cornea was scratched the appearance of a stigma later in may not affect his vision because it would be further from the pupil. He does plan on seeing us again next Tuesday. He would like to them dilate his eye and see where we are out with vision at that point. He thinks that we should be able to remove the sutures in a few months if the progress continues with success. All good news!!!! Prayers and thanks to God for his affective healing in Toren!!!

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