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On the Road to Jerusalem

Scripture Reading — Mark 8:31-38

“Whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it.” — Mark 8:35

In two weeks it will be Good Friday, when we remember Jesus’ death on the cross. He gave up his own life to save us from sin and death.

In the meantime, we are wrapping up the season of Lent, a 40-day period of spiritual reflection. During Lent we focus on the purpose of Jesus’ coming—to pay the price of all our sin by dying in our place, and then to rise again in victory over death so that we can have new life with God forever!

Lent is a time for self-examination, confession, spiritual exercise, discipleship training, and refreshing our perspective on what it means to follow Christ today. It is a spiritually challenging time, and it will conclude on Easter as we celebrate Jesus’ victory.

Think of the Savior who went to Jerusalem to die for us. Jesus was betrayed and handed over to the religious leaders, who condemned him to death. He was mocked, spit on, whipped, and crucified. He died and was buried. Then, on the third day he rose again, victorious over death. And he did all of this for us so that we could be forgiven and receive new, eternal life.

It was a hard path for Jesus, and it may be hard and fearful for us who follow him. This month, imagine being a disciple following Jesus on the road to Jerusalem. What do you think will happen? What will it be like?

In following Christ, we may face hardships and even be called upon to suffer in his name, but he promises that it will end well.

Lord Jesus, guide me to trust in you, and give me courage to follow where you lead. In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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