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Daily Devotionals

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God’s Teaching Process

Scripture Reading — Genesis 42:1-20

When Jacob learned that there was grain in Egypt, he said to his sons, “. . . Go down there and buy some for us. . . .” — Genesis 42:1-2

More than two decades had now passed since Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt. Jacob still thought that Joseph was dead, and much had happened in the life of this family, as well as in the life of Joseph (see Genesis 39-41). But now, a great famine had come over the land, and only Egypt had the resources to help keep people alive. So Jacob was ­focused on food, and he had no idea of the great family drama that would play out when he sent his sons to buy grain.

But God knew. All through the twists and turns of this drama, God was working to restore Jacob’s fractured family life.

Joseph, who was now a major ruler in Egypt, would test the character of his brothers, and God would help their father, Jacob, learn more about his helplessness in the face of life’s circumstances. Jacob would also learn more about God’s life-giving faithfulness. Where might God be teaching you to watch for his work in unexpected places? The divine drama of redemption sometimes plays out in circumstances we can hardly imagine. In grace, God teaches us that we cannot maneuver around our own sins and shortcomings. But God has provided the Savior to restore us so that by following Jesus we too may “live and not die.”

Faithful God, thank you for always working for our good and for your glory. Teach us to trust you, to acknowledge your leading, and to learn to find our life in Jesus. In His name, Amen.



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