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Betty Elliott
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Living by Faith

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-12, 24-31, 39-40

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

In this chapter of Hebrews we find a long list of people whom we could call “heroes of faith.” These are descriptions of people whose faith in God showed in their actions as they lived out their everyday lives. Faith is intended to be lived out.

Abraham and Sarah trusted God’s promises to take them to a new land and to give them descendants. It took a long time for these promises to be fulfilled, but they trusted God, and he fulfilled those promises.

Moses trusted God to guide him in leading his people out of slavery in Egypt. It took a long time and a lot of hard work, and through a series of miracles God delivered the people. Then Moses served God for many more years, bringing God’s law to the people, setting up the worship of God, and teaching the people how to live God’s way (Exodus 12-40).

Rahab, an outsider, declared her faith in God and became one of God’s people when the Lord took them back into the land promised to Abraham. She became one of the great, great . . . grandmothers of Jesus. (See Joshua 2:1-21; 6:25; Matthew 1:1-6.)

As we live our lives, let us do so in faith. Often we need the confidence and assurance of what we cannot see. Our faith will be made sight when Christ comes again. He is the one who has saved us from our sin. He is the one who is faithful, so we are called to live out our lives in response to him.

Lord, help us to live our lives in faith. Empower us to respond to your call to follow you wherever you lead. In Jesus name,Amen.



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