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The Glory of the Son of Man

Scripture Reading — Daniel 7:9-14

He was given authority, glory and sovereign power; all nations and peoples of every language worshiped him. — Daniel 7:14

God created human beings in his image to rule over creation, but our experience is often more of frustration and futility than ruling like royalty. And we often do more damage than good in our use of the earth and its resources. We long to be capable of competently ordering, guiding, and shaping the world as God intended. But, as fallen creatures in a fallen world, how can we exercise dominion? We can barely keep our own closets organized.

Still, God has created a world where human beings are intended to rule and have dominion. In the vision of Daniel 7, we are introduced to a human being, a son of man, who is given authority, glory, and sovereign power from God, the Ancient of Days. His kingdom is international, everlasting, and indestructible.

In the New Testament, Jesus often calls himself the Son of Man. And this title could be mistaken for a humble claim, implying that a “son of man” is just a regular human being. But with the backdrop of Daniel 7, we see how audacious this title is. Often Jesus uses it in reference to his authority: to forgive sins, as Lord of the Sabbath, and to return one day in glory (Mark 2:10; 2:28; 14:62).

In Jesus, God’s plan for human dominion is restored. He intends to share this kingdom with us.

Lord Jesus, Son of Man, give us faith to grasp your glory and sovereign power, and grant that we might share in your kingdom’s coming. In Your precious name, Amen.



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